Aleix Vidal Net Worth 2022

Aleix Vidal Parreu is a professional Spanish footballer who is commonly known as Aleix Vidal. Vidal plays for the Spanish national team and for Sevilla. Vidal is a very versatile player who mainly plays as a right back and can also play as a winger. He is known for his speed, crossing, passing and defending work rate.

Vidal played for many clubs over the years and earned a reputation of a very good right back. He played for many well-known clubs in his distinguished career. Vidal is a crucial player for the Sevilla team and helped the team to win many crucial matches from time to time. He won a UEFA Europa League with the team and helped the club to retain a good position in the La Liga.

Vidal represented his nation in various major tournaments. He played many FIFA World Cups and Euros with the Spanish national team.

Vidal earned a good amount of money over the years by playing football. In 2021, the estimated net worth of this player is approximately USD 26 million.

Vidal started his senior career back in 2007 with the club called Reus and he stayed there for one season. He got USD 90K from Reus for that season. Later he joined Espanyol and played for the club from 2008 to 2010. He got USD 150K from the club annually that time.

Vidal got the main boost in his career when he started playing for Almeria back in 2011. He stayed with Almeria till 2014. Almeria paid him USD 550K for each season.

In mid-2014, he joined Sevilla and played one season with the club. Sevilla paid him USD 2.1 million for that season. Later he joined Barcelona in 2015. He played with Barcelona till 2018. He received USD 5.8 million annually that time.

Vidal joined Sevilla again in 2018 and since then he is playing with the club till date. He started receiving USD 1.8 million from Sevilla annually and the contract is valid till 2022.

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