Amaal Mallik Net Worth 2022

Amaal Mallik is a prominent figure in Indian music industry. He is a music director, singer, composer, lyricist and performer. He is called the all rounder of the Indian music scenario. Amaal Mallik’s father’s name is Daboo Malik and his mother’s name is Jyoyhi Malik.

The legendary music director Sardar Malik is the Grandfather of Amaal. Amaal is the brother of sensational music star Armaan Malik and Anu Malik is Amaal’s uncle. Amaal started his composing career back in 2014.

Back then he composed three songs for the movie named ‘Jai Ho’ and all the songs got hit in a few days after releasing. From that time on he composed many popular songs and also directed a lot of songs too. With all this great work he got a lot of fame and wealth.

In 2021 it is estimated that this composer has a net worth of approximately USD 7 million.

Over the last few years Amaal’s net worth boomed dramatically. Nowadays his net income in a year is approximately USD 500K to 1 million. In 2015 he earned approximately USD 20K. In 2016 he pocketed about USD 55K. In 2017 he got a huge raise in his paycheck and he earned around USD 150K.

The next year he earned USD 500K. In 2018 he earned almost a million. In 2019 he added around USD 1.5 million to his name. From that time on his annual income is around a million. In 2021 it is estimated that he will add another USD 1 to 1.5 million to his name as he is working on projects at present.

Amaal charges around INR 7 to 10 lakhs per song he composes. Amaal also has a YouTube channel and the channel is quite popular so he makes a good amount of money from that channel. Amaal started as a composer but nowadays he also sings as a playback singer.

He charges roughly INR 5 to 8 lakhs for every single song. Amaal also won many awards for his outstanding works and now he is recognised as one of the most talented young composers in the industry.

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