Ananya Nanda Net Worth 2022

Ananya Sritam Nanda commonly known as Ananya Nanda is a playback singer of Bollywood. She is originally from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Ananya came into limelight when she won the second season of ‘Indian Idol Junior’. Ananya’s father’s name is Prasanna Kumar Nanda and he is a government employee.

Her mother’s name is Prasanti Mishra and she is a housewife. Amrita Pritam Nanda who is the elder sister of Ananya is considered to be the inspiration of Ananya in case of singing. Ananya is also a very bright student in her 12th class and she became the school’s topper.

To pursue her musical career she is now moved to Mumbai and continuing her studies here. When she was competing in ‘Indian Idol Junior’ she got a deal from ‘Universal Music India’ and the deal stayed for two years.

After winning the show she released her first album called ‘Mausam Mastana’. She also gave her voice to the autobiography movie of Dhoni and to many notable movies through the years.

With all these success and fame she also got a good amount of fortune to her name. In 2021 it is estimated that this singer’s net worth is approximately USD 65K. She earned around USD 5K in 2016. In 2017 she earned USD 7K. The next year she pocketed approximately USD 15K.

In the year 2019 she earned around USD 20K. In 2020 she earned USD 10K. In 2021 it is estimated that she will make approximately USD 15 to 20K. Ananya is a teenager of 19 years old and she stepped into the singing industry not so very long ago but she made a very good fortune in a short period of time.

Now she is living permanently in Mumbai and working on some Bollywood projects and surely she will make a good amount of money from these projects. She also appears in ‘Television Advertisements’ time to time and she also has some brand endorsements to her name. So it is undoubtedly true that in the upcoming time she will be one of the wealthiest singers in the entire Bollywood.

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