Antoine Griezmann Net Worth 2022

Antoine Griezmann is a professional French footballer who plays for the French National Team and Barcelona. Antoine Griezmann is a forward and known for his skills and goal scoring capabilities.

Griezmann started his football career with the team called Real Sociedad, a team of the Spanish league. He impressed the fans with his performances and later he joined one of the best teams of Spain as well as Europe called Athletico Madrid.

Griezmann played many seasons with Athletico Madrid and his consistency on the pitch caught the eye of Barcelona. In the year 2019 Griezmann joined Barcelona.

Griezmann became a key player for the French National Team over the years. Griezmann is a regular player for Barcelona also. There are a few players who are left footed and Griezmann is one of them. Griezmann also proved his worth in the big matches.

With all the success and popularity Griezmann also gained a good amount of wealth. In 2021, it is estimated that the net worth of Antoine Griezmann is approximately USD 60 million.

Antoine Griezmann earned most of his fortune by playing for the clubs. Griezmann started playing football at an early age. Griezmann started his senior career with Real Sociedad back in 2009 and he received around USD 2 million annually from that club.

Later he joined Athletico Madrid in the year 2014. He played for five consecutive seasons with Athletico Madrid. In his early years at Athletico Madrid he used to get USD 8 million as salary annually. Later that increased and he signed a new contract with the club and from that time on he started getting USD 30 million each year.

In 2019 Griezmann joined Barcelona at the age of 28. Griezmann now gets around USD 33 million annually. Beside the salary Griezmann also gets bonuses based on performance, number of matches played and also on the basis of goals.

Griezmann also has a luxury car collection and high profile real-estates around the globe. Griezmann has many brand endorsements in his pocket and from these he earns a good amount of money annually.

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