Brendon McCullum Net Worth 2022

Brendon Barrie McCullum is a former cricketer and now a cricket coach of New Zealand. Brendon represented New Zealand in all three formats of cricket, he was also the captain of New Zealand cricket teams in all three formats.

Brendon was a right-handed opening batsman who fielded as a wicket-keeper. Brendon belongs to the cricketing family. His father was a legendary cricketer of New Zealand and his brother is Nathan McCullum.

Brendon played for Otago in domestic cricket and later joined Canterbury. After three seasons he returned to Otago again.

Brendon McCullum is best known for his hard hitting. He scored a huge amount of runs in his career. He was considered one of the most successful wicket-keepers of all time.

With all the success Brendon also gained a huge popularity and a good amount of wealth. In 2021 it is estimated that McCullum’s net worth is approximately USD 6 million.

McCullum was a key player for the New Zealand cricket team. He helped them to win many crucial matches from time to time. He was bound to the New Zealand’s cricket board with many contracts from time to time. He accumulated a total of USD 3 million from playing for the national team.

McCullum played for Otago and Canterbury in domestic cricket. At the early times he got around USD 80K for each season. But with the pases of time McCullum’s salary increased. When he was passing the peak time of his career he charged around USD 300K to 350K for each season of Plunket Shield.

McCullum played County Cricket for some time. He played for the teams called Sussex, Warwickshire and Middlesex. McCullum charged around USD 280K for each season of County Cricket.

McCullum played in the IPL for a long time. Mostly he played with the team called Kolkata Knight Riders. In his first season with the team he got INR 28.2 million. The next season he got INR 34 million from the same team. From 2008 to 2018 he played all the IPL seasons for various teams. In the 2014 and 2015 season of IPL he played for the team called Chennai Super Kings and got INR 32.5 million as salary for each season. McCullum received his highest salary from the team called Gujarat Lions in 2017 IPL season. He got INR 55 million as salary that season. McCullum accumulated a total of approximately INR 400 million from the IPL.

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