Casemiro Net Worth 2022

Carlos Henrique Casimiro is a Brazilian professional footballer who is mostly known as Casemiro. Casemiro plays for the Brazilian national team and Real Madrid. Casemiro plays as a defensive midfielder in both of his teams. Casemiro is known for his defensive work rates, passing abilities and goal scoring and free kicks.

Casemiro is a crucial player for both the Brazilian team and Real Madrid. Casemiro is considered as one of the best defensive midfielders in modern day football. Casemiro won many major tournaments with Real Madrid over time. He won two La Liga titles, four Champions League, one Copa Del Rey and FIFA Club World Cup three times with Real Madrid.

Casemiro also represented Brazil in many major tournaments such as: FIFA World Cup, Copa America etc. Brazil won the 2019 Copa America and Casemiro was a part of the main squad that time and he performed very well during the tournament.

Casemiro earned a lot of popularity and respect by playing football. He also earned a lot of wealth by playing too. In 2021, it is estimated that the net worth of this player is approximately USD 75 million.

Sao Paulo is the club where Casemiro started his senior career back in 2010. He stayed there for three seasons till 2013. Casemiro got USD 200K annually as salary from that club. He performed very well in Sao Paulo and caught the attention of the European clubs.

In the year 2013 Casemiro joined Real Madrid. Casemiro signed a three year contract with the club. According to the deal he started getting USD 1.2 million for each season. But this deal stayed only for one and a half years. Casemiro penned a new deal with the club in 2015 and from that time on Casemiro started getting USD 2 million annually.

Casemiro’s performance was improving day by day, so Real Madrid offered him a new deal in 2017. This deal was active till 2019. In this time period he got USD 4.5 million yearly.

By the year 2020 Casemiro became a very crucial player for the club and the club wanted to renew the contract with Casemiro. So, Real Madrid offered a new contract to Casemiro and he signed the contract with joy. From that time on Casemiro has been getting USD 15 million annually and the contract is active till now.

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