Clement Lenglet Net Worth 2022

Clément Nicolas Laurent Lenglet is a French professional footballer who plays for French National Team and for Barcelona in club football. He is mostly known by the name ‘Clement Lenglet’. Lenglet plays as a center back for both his teams.

Lenglet is one of the most promising young defenders in the world. Lenglet played for various teams throughout his career and won many trophies from time to time. Lenglet started his senior professional career back in 2012 with the team called Nancy B. He played two seasons with that team and he performed very well in that team. So, he was promoted to the main team of Nancy. With Nancy he won the Ligue 2 title in the 2015-16 season.

Later Lenglet joined the Spanish Club Sevilla. He played only one season with the team and the next season he joined Barcelona in 2018. He has been playing for Barcelona ever since.

Lenglet has shown great performances over the years and won the hearts of the fans with his playing techniques. Lenglet also earned a lot of fortune by playing football. Lenglet’s net worth in the year 2021 is approximately USD 22 million.

Lenglet started his senior career with the team called Nancy B back in 2012 and played two seasons with that team. He received USD 40K for each season that time. In mid-2014 he joined Nancy and played another two seasons with the club.

There he received USD 70K yearly. In 2016 Nancy increased the salary of Lenglet and Lenglet started getting USD 200K for each season.

Lenglet joined Sevilla in 2017 and from that time on he received around USD 750K for each season. Lenglet stayed at Sevilla for two seasons and got the same amount of money for each season.

Clement Lenglet joined Barcelona in mid-2018 and got around and from that time on he started getting USD 6.5 million for each season as salary. Lenglet gets bonuses based on individual performance.

Lenglet also owns many luxury real-estates in France and in Spain. Lenglet has a luxury car collection in his garage too.

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