Darshan Raval Net Worth 2022

Darshan Raval is a young sensation among Indian musicians. He is a composer as well as a singer. In recent times he gained popularity through his back to back playback hits and he also got 200+ million views on YouTube in his recent song named ‘Tera Zikr’. Darshan was born back in 18 October, 1994.

His home town is Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His father’s name is Rajendra Raval and he is a writer. His mother is Rajal Raval. Darshan is the only child of his parent’s. In 2014 Darshan decided to participate in a reality show which is basically based on singing and the show’s name was ‘India’s Raw Star’.

During this show Darshan released his original songs titled as ‘Meri Pehli Mohabbat’ and ‘Tera Zikr’. These two songs got a lot of attention and people were moved by his outstanding performances. But in the end secured the 1st Runner-up place for himself.

Himesh Reshammiya who is a popular Indian singer saw this youngster’s talent and he thought Darshan would be a great playback singer if he gets the chance. So, Himesh launched Darshan in Salman Khan’s movie named ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ and this event changed this young man,’s life forever. In recent times Darshan also worked as a lead movie actor in a Gujrati film.

It is obvious that when a man has that much potential and popularity to his name, definitely a lot of fortune would also follow him wherever he goes. It is estimated that this singer’s net worth is approximately INR 4.8 crore in 2020 and it is estimated that his net worth would become INR 7 crore+ in 2021 or 1 million USD.

Darshan Raval’s Net Worth boomed drastically over the last five or six years. In 2015 this man made about 46.8K USD. In 2016 it was 27.2K USD. In 2017 he pocketed about 40 to 45K USD. From 2018 he got a great boost in his income, he made approximately 250K USD in this year.

In 2019 he got about 300K USD in his paycheck. In 2020 his net income was 475K USD. In 2021 it is estimated that he will add about 400 to 500K USD to his net worth.

Darshan also earns a good amount of money from his social media accounts as he has a large number of followers. Darshan also earned INR 50 lakhs from his first movie as an actor.

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