David Alaba Net Worth 2022

David Olatukunbo Alaba is an Austrian professional Footballer who is mostly known as David Alaba. Alaba plays for the Austrian national team and the Spanish club Real Madrid. Alaba is the captain of the Austrian squad.

David Alaba is a defender who plays as a left back. Alaba is considered as one of the best left backs of recent time. Alaba played a long time for the German club Bayern Munich. Alaba is a living legend for Bayern. He played with the club for a long time and won a lot of tournaments with it. Alaba won several UEFA Champions League with the club.

Alaba is a very important player for his nation too. Though he did not win any trophies with them, he tries his best to help him nation.

Alaba joined Real Madrid in mid-2021. Alaba is a very versatile player who can play in various positions in the field. He can play as a defender, defensive midfielder and midfielder.

Alaba earned a lot of money in his distinguished career. In 2021, Alaba’s net worth is approximately USD 30 million.
Austria Wien II is the club where Alaba started his senior career in 2007. He played with the team for one season only. He got USD 90K for that season. In the year 2009, he joined Bayern Munich ll. He played there for one season and was promoted to Bayern Munich for his good performances. Bayern Munich ll paid him USD 110K for that season.

Alaba joined Bayern Munich back in 2010 and stayed there till 2021. Bayern Munich is the team where Alaba flourished as a player. Bayern paid his USD 6.9 million from 2010 to 2016 annually.

In 2017, Alaba signed a new contract with the club according to which he started receiving USD 12.1 million for each season and this contract was valid till 2019. He signed another contract in 2020 and started receiving USD 13.5 million annually.

In mid-2021, Alaba joined Real Madrid and penned a three year contract with the club. According to this contract he will receive USD 16 million annually.

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