David Warner Net Worth 2022

David Andrew Warner commonly known as David Warner is an Australian cricketer who belongs to Australian origin. The name ‘David Warner’ speaks for itself, no introduction needed when we are talking about a man with his caliber. He is the first Australian cricketer who was selected for the National Team without any experience of first class cricket.

Warner is a former captain of Australian cricket team. Warner is the opening batsman for Australian cricket team. Warner started his cricketing career as a batsman but over the years he learned how to bowl too. Time to time Warner impressed cricket fans with his astonishing performance and he made a bunch of records through the years. With all this success he also got a huge amount of wealth too.

In 2021 it is estimated that this player’s net worth is approximately USD 11 million.

Most of the money Warner made is from playing IPL. Warner started his IPL career back in 2009 with the team called ‘Delhi Daredevils’ and they paid him INR 1.47 million for that season. The next year he earned INR 1.39 million from the same team.

In the year 2011 ‘Delhi Daredevils’ offered Warner a new contract according to which he got INR 34.5 million for that season. The next season they increased Warner’s salary even more and paid him INR 37.7 million. In 2013 he pocketed INR 39.95 million from the same team.

In the year 2014 Warner switched teams and he joined ‘Sunrisers Hyderabad’ and they paid him INR 55 million for each season and they paid him this amount of money from 2014 to 2017. The year 2018 was a dark time for Warner as he was banned from all shorts of cricket for one year.

In 2019 he again joined ‘Sunrisers Hyderabad’ and they offered him a new contract according to which he will get INR 125 million for each season and this contract is active till date. Warner is a regular player for Australian Cricket Team and he is bound to Australian Cricket Board with a contract.

He also gets match fees for every single match and the fees are USD 10K for each T20, USD 15K for each ODI and USD 20K for each Test match. Warner also has a bunch of brand endorsements to his name. He owns a bunch of luxury cars and high end real estates across Australia.

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