Deliveroo Rider Support Team Contact Number

Deliveroo the name resonates all over the world for its fabulous service in the delivery industry. As the years passed many things changed due to the usage of technology. There came a change in the food business with other greater things that came with the revolution of technology.

People used to like to go to restaurants and enjoy their favorite meals but this trend is changing, nowadays people like to enjoy their meal at home. The pandemic also changed the restaurant business. In the pandemic situation, delivery platforms are booming more than before.

Deliveroo is a delivery platform which is based in London, England. Deliveroo was founded back in 2013 by two men called Will Chu and Greg. Deliveroo operated in the United Kingdom in the early days. Later it stretched its operations across the globe.

Now the operation zone has expanded to more than 200 places. Deliveroo is available in the following regions: United Kingdom, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates.

Deliveroo has two subsidiary projects also and these are Deliveroo Editions and Deliveroo Plus. Deliveroo Editions supports ghost kitchens to run their business. Ghost kitchens are delivery-only restaurants. Deliveroo Plus is a subscription option for customers. Customers can subscribe to Deliveroo Plus then customers can enjoy unlimited delivery free of charge.

Deliveroo gained huge popularity in the last few years. Deliveroo is popular among the customers and the restaurants because it charges a lot less than its competitors. So, customers chose Deliveroo over other delivery platforms from time to time.

Deliveroo offers discounts to its customers on a regular basis. As a new customer, you can get free delivery for your first order. Deliveroo also provides its customers with vouchers. When customers use these vouchers they get a huge discount on their deals.

The workforce Deliveroo has is world-class. All the employees of Deliveroo know their job well. Deliveroo has more than 2,500 people working for them. The number of delivery couriers is also humongous. Deliveroo has more than 30,000 delivery men across the world.

Deliveroo values the opinion of its customers. Deliveroo has a helpline team in almost all the regions they run their business. Deliveroo has a dedicated team that only works to communicate with the customers. If a customer calls at the helpline or contacts the Deliveroo team somehow and informs them about any issue. The team will try to solve the problem right away.

The delivery men are the heart and soul of any corporation similar to Deliveroo. So, Deliveroo hires only qualified people for the job. The delivery men and women face many difficulties in their job. Sometimes they get stuck in traffic. Sometimes the restaurants delay preparing the food.

If the delivery man shows up late at any customer’s doorstep then the customers do not welcome him cordially. The customers also get annoyed when they see that the delivery man is running late. To solve this problem Deliveroo has come up with a solution.

The customers can call the delivery man and learn about the delivery. There are several methods to contact the delivery man. Customers can directly call the rider support team number or they can also use the app of Deliveroo. The number of the rider support team differs from country to country.

In Australia, the number of the Rider support team is: +61 02 8320 8541.

In the United Kingdom, Deliveroo’s rider support team contact number is: +44 131 496 0478.

The number of the rider support team of Deliveroo France is: +33-735-5571-26.

If you want to contact the rider support team of Italy then you can call this number: +39-361-5555-5224.

The number of Ireland’s rider support team is: +353-875-5535-00.

In Spain Deliveroo’s rider support team number is: +34-755-5629.

Deliveroo Belgium’s rider support number is: +32-456-5559-23.

The number of the rider support team of Singapore is: +65-955-5228-2.

The Hong Kong rider support team number of Deliveroo is: +852-921-5555-8.

Netherlands Deliveroo rider support number is: +31-655-5858-58.

The number of rider support team Kuwait is: +965-555-5700-943.

The residents of the United Arab Emirates can call the following number of the Deliveroo rider support team: +971-585-5545-97.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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