Federico Valverde Net Worth 2022

Federico Santiago Valverde Dipetta commonly known as Federico Valverde is a Uruguayan professional footballer. Valverde plays for the Uruguayan national team and Real Madrid. Valverde is a midfielder who can play in many midfield positions such as: center midfielder, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder and right or left midfielder.

Valverde is known for his passing, crossing, dribbling and pace. Valverde is only 22 years old and he is a very successful footballer already. He helped Real Madrid to win many crucial matches from time to time and won many trophies with the club.
Valverde also represented the Uruguayan national team on various occasions. Valverde played in the Copa America and FIFA World Cup for his nation.

Valverde started playing professional football at a very early age with the club called Penarol. Peñarol is a Uruguayan club. Gradually Valverde improved as a footballer and joined Real Madrid later.
Valverde made quite good fortune for himself in the last few years. In 2021, Valverde’s estimated net worth is approximately USD 23.6 million.

2015 is the year when Valverde started his senior career with Penarol. He played only one season with them. For that season Valverde was paid USD 110K. In 2016 Valverde came to Spain and joined RM Castilla, a subsidiary club of Real Madrid. With RM Castilla he played for another season. The club paid him USD 230K for a single season.

In 2017, Valverde signed a one year deal with Real Madrid and received USD 270K for that season. In the next season he signed a new deal with the club for another year. This time he received USD 460K for a season as salary.

Valverde got a huge raise in his paycheck in the year 2019. He was paid USD 1.3 million for his services in the 2019 season. The next season his income increased and he got USD 3.7 million. In 2021, he received the highest salary of his lifetime and it was USD 5 million.

Valverde is only 22 years old and his income is increasing day by day. So, we can hope that in future his net worth will increase even more.

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