Ferland Mendy Net Worth 2022

Ferland Sinna Mendy is a French professional footballer. Mendy plays for the French national team and Real Madrid. Mendy plays as a left back in both of his teams. He is mostly known as F. Mendy to the fans all over the world.

Finding good left backs is a daunting task these days but it looks like Real Madrid has found its man. Mendy is a very good left back. Mendy is known for his defensive work rate as well as attacking work rate. Mendy is one those defenders who can often play as a winger and deliver crosses or key passes to help the team score.

Over the years Mendy became a key player for Real Madrid. He helped them win many crucial matches and trophies. Mendy is an essential player for the French side also. Mendy participated in many major tournaments with the French team.

Mendy gained a good amount of popularity over the years and wealth followed his footsteps too. In the year2021, it is estimated that the net worth of Mendy is approximately USD 60 million.

Mendy started his senior career with Le Havre B back in 2013. He stayed with the club for two seasons. Le Havre B paid him USD 25K for that season. In the second season he earned the same amount of money from the club.

In 2015, Mendy was promoted to the Le Havre club. There he played for another two seasons. He received USD 350K for each season when he was a part of the Le Havre team. Later he joined Lyon in mid-2017. Mendy played with Lyon for two consecutive seasons.

Mendy thrived as a player when he played for Lyon and got the attention of every well-known club in Europe. He was paid USD 1.8 million annually.

Mendy switched teams and joined Real Madrid in the summer transfer window of 2019 and has been playing with the team ever since. Real Madrid paid him USD 3 million for the first season. Later in 2020, Mendy signed a new contract with the club.

According to this contract Mendy started to receive USD 11.5 million for each season and the contract is active to the present date.

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