Frenkie De Jong Net Worth 2022

Frenkie De Jong commonly known as De Jong is a Dutch professional footballer who also plays for FC Barcelona. This midfielder is known to the football fans because of his defending work rate.

Sometimes he is also considered as the ‘Great Wall’ of Barcelona’s midfield.
De Jong started his senior professional football career with the team called Willem II back in 2015. There he showed a consistent performance on the field. Later he joined Jong Ajax and played only one season with this team.

Later he switched teams and joined Ajax the very next season. Over the years De Jong’s performance improved and the big clubs of Europe wanted to sign him. Many clubs had offered him many mouthwatering deals but he chose Barcelona above all. In 2019 after much speculation he joined Barcelona and played for the club ever since.

Nowadays De Jong is a very important player for both the Netherland team and Barcelona. Football fans also love him for his playing style. With all the success he also earned a good fortune for himself.
In 2021, De Jong’s estimated net worth is approximately USD 20 million.

While playing for Willem II De Jong got around USD 7K annually. He played with this team for two years. Later he joined Ajax he got around USD 200K for the first season. The next season he pocketed USD 300K. In the year 2018 De Jong’s income increased enormously and he got USD 750K for that season. In 2019 he got USD 1 million.

De Jong joined Barcelona in mid-2019 and he signed a four year contract with them. According to his contract with Barcelona he gets around USD 9.5 million for each season. De Jong also gets various bonuses from Barcelona from time to time. With all the bonuses and add on he gets approximately USD 13 million annually from Barcelona.

De Jong also has many brand endorsements in his pouch. From these brand endorsements he gets an additional 5 million yearly.

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