Guy’s Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

England is a very developed country as all kinds of facilities needed to lead a good life are available here. For that reason, many people from all over the world try to get into this country and find a living. There are some things which are considered as the basic needs of a human being’s life and the things are: food, clothing, freedom of speech, education and medical care.

All these things are very much important for all the people living in the world. It does not matter which part of the globe you are living in, you need these things for sure and without these things you cannot live a proper life. For that reason, the English people and the government have established a number of world class hospitals over the years.

The English people are very much concerned about medical care without any doubt. If you look at the medical care history of England then you will see that there are many hospitals in England which date back to 500 years or more. From a very early time the English people felt the necessity of a good medical care system.

But having hospitals which are very old is not enough because the world is continuously evolving and with the world the medical care system of the world is also changing. So, being up to date is a must thing in the field of medical science. Most of the hospitals of England are up to date and the hospitals have all the modern equipment needed for a hospital.

Guy’s hospital is a very well-known hospital in England. The hospital has all the facilities of a modern hospital. The hospital is situated in Central London and the name of the place is the borough of Southwark. The Guy’s Hospital is regulated by the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. The hospital has 400 beds. Besides there are ICU and ICCU units available at the hospital.

Though the hospital has no emergency unit. The hospital is also affiliated with the King’s College London. This hospital is also a medical teaching institute. The hospital’s tower wing makes the hospital one of the tallest hospitals in the entire world. This hospital is a specialized hospital for cancer patients. In the year 2014 the hospital gained its position as the tallest hospital in the world.

Guy’s hospital is one of the most advanced hospitals of Europe. All the medical facilities you can think of are available here. We know that medical machinery and the diagnostics equipment play a huge role in today’s medical world. For this reason, Guy’s Hospital has bought all the modern machinery they need. The laboratory of the Guy’s Hospital is top-notch.

All the reports of the hospital are very much accurate. The doctors and the surgeons of this hospital are very much educated and have vast experience in the field of medical treatment. The other medical staff of the hospital are also very skillful and know their job pretty well.

All the doctors of the hospital are very much educated and possess professional medical degrees from high-end medical universities. Around 250 consultants work in this hospital. All the doctors have their own field of expertise. To learn more about the doctors you should visit the website of the Guy’s Hospital. There you can find all the things you need to know about the consultants. Via the website patients can also get an appointment with the doctors.

The hotline or helpline contact number is very much necessary for the hospital these days. These helpline or hotline numbers have multiple uses. The patients can contact their doctors or with the hospital. Patients can also request for an appointment by calling at this number. Patients can also file a complaint by giving a call at these numbers. The contact number of the Guy’s Hospital is: +44-20-7188-7188. You can call at this number whenever you want as this contact number is online 24/7.

Updated: October 20, 2021 — 12:29 pm

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