Hardik Pandya Net Worth 2022

Hardik Pandya is a very popular Indian cricketer. He is famous for his smashing batting skills, he is a kind of player who hits more sixes than fours in a match. For his hard hitting boundaries fans across the world love to watch this player on the pitch.

Hardik started his career in Indian Cricket Team as a middle order batsman but through the years he transformed himself and now he is considered as an all rounder. Though he is a full time batsman he can also bowl very well and proved his bowling skills over the years in important matches.

Hardik is a player who can turn the course of a match within two overs. When a player has that much potential it is easy to assume that he has also made a quite good fortune for himself over the years and it is also true for Hardik. In 2021 the estimated net worth of Hardik Pandya is approximately INR 37 crore or 5 million USD.

Hardik Pandya started his IPL career back in 2015 with ‘Mumbai Indians’ and at that time the team offered him INR 10 lakhs for each season. The paycheck remained the same till 2017. In 2018 ‘Mumbai Indians’ offered him a new deal, according to which Hardik will get INR 11 crore each season and the contract is still in order till date.

Day by day Hardik became a very important player in Indian cricket both in International and Domestic matches. ‘Mumbai Indians’ fans are crazy about him and don’t want his replacement anytime soon. So, the team is always keen to offer him a new contract whenever Hardik wants and Hardik is also very much loyal to the team.

Hardik is a part and parcel of the Indian Cricket Team, without him the middle order batting line is impossible to think and nowadays as an all rounder Hardik is getting extra attention from the team selectors. Hardik Pandya is bound to BCCI with a B grade contract and as per the contract he gets INR 3 crores annually.

BCCI also pays high match fees to the players. They pay INR 15 lakhs for each Test Match, INR 6 lakhs for each ODI and INR 3 lakhs for each T20. People who follow cricket closely, they also know that Hardik is considered as one of the most stylish players in world cricket scenario.

So, he has a lot of brand endorsements in his pocket. He also owns a bunch of luxury cars and high end real estate properties across the world.

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