Ibai Gomez Net Worth 2022

Ibai Gómez Pérez is a professional footballer who belongs to Spanish origins. Gomez plays for the Spanish national team and Athletic Bilbao. He plays as a left winger for both of the teams. Gomez is known for his creative passing, pinpoint crossing, long range shooting, speed and unbelievable stamina.

Gomez is a very important player for the Bilbao team. Over the years he helped the club to win many crucial matches from time to time. He played more than 100 games for the Bilbao team. In his long career Gomez has played for many teams. He started his youth career with Santutxu and this is the club where he also started his senior career. Over the years he played for many clubs but all of these clubs were Spanish. Gomez never stepped outside Spanish league.

Gomez played a few games for the Spanish national team. He is an irregular for his nation. Gomez’s comfort zone is club football and he mostly focuses on the performance of his club football.

Gomez is a very popular player of Bilbao and over the years he has earned a good amount of money. The estimated net worth of this player is approximately USD 8.3 million.

Santutxu is the club where Ibai Gomez started his senior career back in 2008. He also played with the club as a youngster. He stayed with the club for only one season and for that season he received USD 85K.

In the 2009/10 season he played with the club called Sestao. Sestao paid him USD 150K for that season. In mid- 2010 Gomez joined Athletic Club B. He played with the team for two seasons. He got USD 220K from Athletic Club B annually.

From 2010 to 2016 Gomez played for Athletic Bilbao. This is the club where Gomez evolved as a player. Athletic Bilbao paid him USD 750K for each season. Later he joined the team called Alves in 2016 and he stayed there till 2019. Alves paid him USD 1 million annually that time. He again moved to Athletic Bilbao back in 2019 and since then he has been playing with the club. This time he was paid USD 1.5 million annually.

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