Ivan Rakitic Net Worth 2022

Ivan Rakitić is a professional footballer who belongs to Croatian origins. He is mostly known to the football fans as Rakitic. He plays for the Croatian national team and Sevilla. He plays as a midfielder for both of the teams. He can play at different positions of midfield. He is known for his long range shooting, passing, pinpoint crossing and high working rate in the field.

Rakitic played for many teams throughout his remarkable career. He also played for the Spanish giants Barcelona and helped them to win many trophies. He flourished as a player at Sevilla and after leaving Barcelona he joined Sevilla again in 2020. Rakitic is considered as one of the best players of Croatian national team and Sevilla.

Rakitic became a key player for the Croatian national team and helped the team to win many crucial matches from time to time. He was part of Croatian squad for the 2010, 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cup tournaments. He performed very well in the 2018 FIFA World Cup and helped the team to qualify for the finals.

Rakitic’s net worth in 2021 is approximately USD 109.8 million.

Rakitic started his senior career back in 2005 with FC Basel. He played two seasons for the club. He received USD 150K annually that time. In 2007, Rakitic joined FC Schalke and there he stayed for four consecutive seasons. He got USD 550K annually from the club.

Rakitic switched teams in the summer transfer window of 2011 and joined Sevilla. He played with Sevilla till 2014. Sevilla paid him USD 2.7 million annually. Later he joined Barcelona in 2014.

In his early days at Barcelona he received USD 15.8 million annually till 2018. In June, 2018 he renewed his contract with Barcelona and started getting USD 17.2 million for each season.

He joined Sevilla again in mid-2020 and has been playing with the club ever since. Sevilla pays him USD 8.2 million annually till date. He also gets bonuses based on his performance.

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