Jan Oblak Net Worth 2022

Jan Oblak is a Slovenian professional footballer. Oblak plays for the Slovenian national team and Atletico Madrid. Oblak plays as a goalkeeper for both of his teams. Oblak is considered as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time.

Oblak joined Atletico Madrid back in 2014. Over the years he became a very important player for the club. He helped the club to win many crucial matches from time to time. He won many trophies with the club as well. He won two UEFA Europa Leagues, two UEFA Super Cup and a La Liga title with Atletico Madrid. Oblak has played more than 300 games for Atletico Madrid.

Oblak is a very important player for the Slovenian team too. Oblak represented his nation in various tournaments.

Oblak has many individual awards at his disposal. He was named the Slovenian footballer of the year five times.

Jan Oblak the name speaks for itself. People all over the world know about this player. Oblak made a good amount of wealth in his distinguished career. In 2021, it is estimated that the net worth of Oblak is approximately USD 59 million.

Olimpija Ljubljana is the club where Oblak started his senior career in 2009. He stayed there for one season. The club paid him USD 100K for that season. From 2010 to 2014 Oblak played for the Portuguese club called Benfica. In his early two seasons with the club Oblak got USD 350K annually. For the next two seasons he got USD 850K from Benfica.

Oblak joined Atletico Madrid in 2014. From that time on he has been playing for the same club. He used to get USD 2.2 million annually for the first two seasons. In 2017, Oblak signed a new deal with the club and started getting USD 4.1 million for each season till 2019.

In the year 2019 and 2020 he pocketed USD 13.3 million annually. He signed another contract with Atletico Madrid in mid-2020 and according to this deal he will get USD 14.4 million annually till 2023.

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