Jesus Navas Net Worth 2022

Jesús Navas González is a professional footballer who belongs to Spanish origins. He plays for the Spanish national team and for Sevilla. Navas plays as a right winger. He is considered as one of best right winger of the present date. He is known for his speed, pinpoint passing, crossing, shooting and hard working mentality.

Navas has played for a lot of clubs over the years. But mostly he played for the Spanish club called Sevilla. He played more than 500 matches for the club. He is considered as one of the best players Sevilla ever had. He won many trophies with the club too. He won three Europa League and two Copa Del Rey with the club. He also played for the English club Manchester City where he won the Premier League in the 2013/14 season.

Navas is a very important player for the Spanish national team too. He represented his nation in various major tournaments such as Euros and the FIFA World Cup. He won the 2010 campaign of the FIFA World Cup with Spain and the 2012 Euro.

Navas is a very popular Spanish player. His fame and footballing skills helped him to earn a lot of wealth over the years. The net worth of Navas in 2021 is approximately USD 45.5 million.

Navas started his senior career back in 2003 with Sevilla B. He played with the club for one season and later was promoted to the main team of Sevilla. For that one season he received USD 130K. He joined Sevilla in 2004 and stayed there till 2013.

In these nine years he flourished as a player. In his early days at Sevilla he received USD 250K annually for the first two seasons. Later he extended his contract with the club and started receiving USD 5 million annually.

In mid-2013, he joined Manchester City and played for the club till 2017. City paid him USD 6.1 million for each season. He also got bonuses on a regular basis from the club as he was a crucial player for the club.

He joined Sevilla again in mid-2017 and has been playing with the club ever since. Sevilla started paying him USD 5.7 million annually and the contract is valid till date.

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