Jio TV Mod APK Latest Version Review

Jio TV is very popular app among Indian people. It has more than 600 plus television channel. And more than 14 languages are there in this app. People from India can enjoy all those television channel. There is a limitation of that application. And that is you can use this application from outside India.

But there is an easy tricks for solving this problem. You can use jio TV MOD apk app for breaking the restriction of geographical position. There is also an another advantage of using this jio TV modded app. And that is you need not to purchase premium channels to watch. Because every channel is free in Mod version of this APK.

Are you looking for a review of jio TV Mod APK? Then just read this article. Because in this article we will show you complete information about jio TV Mod APK. So let’s get started.

What is Jio TV Mod APK?

As you know that you cannot enjoy all television channel in jio TV app without paying use amount of charge. There is only few channel you can watch in free version. You have to upgrade your package in premium package in order to enjoy all those facilities.

So majority of you don’t want to buy premium jio TV subscription. Then what is the solution of this problem? Yes there is a easy solution for this subscription problem. And that is you need to use jio TV Mod APK in order to watch all those restricted channels. Therefore you can watch 600 + television channel from the outside of India as well as India.

We have collected the latest jio TV modded APK to offer you. So if you wish you can easily collected from here. We will also show you the proper guideline for watching all those television channel using modded APK.

Now we are going to show you some important information regarding jio TV modded APK.

Information about Jio TV Mod APK

The latest jio TV Mod APK has some excellent features. You may want to know some information before installing this app. So we have collected some information that is very vital for you. Let’s take a look in the below chart.



File Size:


Last Update:

Operating System:

Number of Downloads:

Features of Jio TV Mod APK

There are some excellent features of jio TV Mod apk software. You can break the restriction of watching maximum watch hour by using this application. In the original app there is a restriction of watching hours.

In the latest app you can also reply live program. And if you wish you can download those programs in your memory card. Therefore you can watch all those programs with subtitles.

You have already come to know that TV serial, movies, reality shows and sports channel are there. You can enjoy all the scattergories TV channel without paying any money. Therefore you need not have setup box. Only a single lite app can enable you of watching television.

We hope it will help you finding out best alternative of television. Dish TV is not needed for using this application.

Account login system has included in the modded version. If you wish you can add more than one account in your application.

What’s new in Latest Jio TV Mod APK

In the new update there are something latest. If you have used the previous version of jio TV Mod APK then you can distinguish between the last two version.

Graphic design of this app has been developed. New API has been included. Better user interface is introduced. Previous bug has been fixed.

File size is reduced in great amount. Show the app is now very light. Easy installation platform developed into this Mod APK. A complete user guide has been added in the startup of this app AP.

Therefore, jio TV guide has been updated. You can take a look at TV program schedule from that guide. And you will get regular update of program schedule in the easy navigation bar.

How to Use Jio TV Mod APK

Many of you wish to watch jio TV. But it is a matter of great father that many of you don’t know how to use this. And many of you don’t watch it because it requires charge.

Here we will show you how to use jio TV for free without paying any charge.

At first you have to download the jio TV Mod APK in your device.

After that you have to extract the rar files.

Then you need to click on install and give permission to access your Contact information.

Now your App will be installed within a few moment.

When the installation completed you have to restart your device.

And then launch your jio TV app and enjoy thousands of television channel for free.

Jio TV Mod APK Tips and Tricks

There are some tips and tricks for utilising jio TV Mod APK in proper way. By applying those hidden tips and tricks you can easily enjoy unlimited subscription for jio TV mobile app. So let’s take a look at those tips and tricks.

Create Numerous Account: by applying this tricks you can easily create unlimited number of accounts on jio TV Mod APK. You can save those accounts in your app. And easily login your prepaid account from the login dashboard.

Change Your Language: you can easily send your language from the language setting. This setting is situated in the bottom of the app. There are more than 15 language. Among them Bangla, Hindi, English, Urdu you are very popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be face some problems while using jio TV mobile app. Because this app is modded. So there may be some problems. But we can assure you by saying that there is also easy solution of that problems.

You have asked some questions in our support inbox. Now we are going to discuss about the questions.

1. Is jio TV Mod APK free?

Yes this application is completely free for all. anyone can download this application to their Android device and enjoy lifetime subscription completely free.

2. Can I download from jio TV Mod APK?

Obviously you can. You can save your favourite TV shows in your memory card. And was them in your leisure time.

Final Words

We have discussed about jio TV Mod APK. And we hope you have helped by our information. Now in final what section we will request you to visit our website frequently in order to find Mod APK.

We have collected thousands of Mod APK in our website. Read our website regularly to learn latest Mod APK review. Don’t forget to share this article in social media. And if you face any problem finding out important information about jio TV Mod APK then you must leave a comment below.

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