Jordi Alba Net Worth 2022

Jordi Alba Ramos commonly known as Jordi Alba is a Spanish professional footballer. Jordi plays for Spanish National Team and Barcelona. Jordi Alba is a defender who plays as a left back for both Barcelona and the national team.

Jordi is one of the best defenders in the history of Barcelona. Jordi is a very crucial player for Barcelona and the Spanish team. Though he is a defender, Jordi’s attacking work rate is very admirable. Jordi helped his teams to win many crucial matches from time to time.

Alba started his senior career back in 2006 with the team called Cornella. After one season playing with them he joined Valencia B and stayed with the team for two consecutive seasons. Jordi Alba impressed the team with his performance. So, he got promoted to the main Valencia team. With Valencia he played three seasons. Later he joined Barcelona in 2012 and has been playing with the team ever since.

Jordi Alba is one of the highest paid defenders nowadays. He made a good fortune by playing football. In 2021, Jordi Alba’s net worth is approximately USD 75 million.

Jordi started his senior career back in 2006 with the Spanish club called Cornella and this club paid him USD 300K for each season. Then he joined Valencia B. Valencia B paid him around USD 500K annually. Jordi Alba got promoted to Valencia in 2009. After the promotion his salary also increased. Valencia paid him USD 1.5 million on a yearly basis as salary.

In 2012 Jordi switched teams and joined Barcelona. In his early days at Barcelona he used to get USD 6.5 million for each season. Later he renewed his contract with the club in 2016 and from that time on till 2019 he pocketed USD 9 million as salary each season.

In mid-2019 Jordi Alba signed a new contract with Barcelona, according to this deal he gets USD 14 million for each season. Jordi Alba also started receiving bonuses for his performance from the year 2014.

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