KL Rahul Net Worth 2022

KL Rahul is a new star of the Indian Cricket Team. In recent years he became a part and parcel of the national team. He is also a key part in IPL for the team called ‘Kings XI Punjab’. In recent times he also managed to help team India to win some crucial matches.

KL Rahul plays as a Right Handed Batsman and also as a wicketkeeper. Nowadays fans count him as one of the best batsmen in world cricket. We all know that when a player has so much potential as Rahul he is going to have a lot of wealth to follow him and he made a quite good fortune for himself in recent times. In 2021 it is estimated that the net worth of this player is approximately 62 crore INR or 8.5 million USD.

KL Rahul started his IPL career back in 2013 with the team called ‘Royal Challengers Bangalore’ and in the first season he got 10 lakhs INR as salary. Next year he joined ‘Sunrisers Hyderabad’ and there he started to receive INR 1 crore for each season and this contract stayed for two years.

Then KL Rahul joined ‘Royal Challengers Bangalore’ in 2016 again he started to get 1 crore for each season. In 2018 he switched teams and he started to play for ‘Kings XI Punjab’ and there he started to get INR 11 core from 2018 to till date for each season.

KL Rahul also has an A grade contract with BCCI and he earns 5 crore INR annually with this contract. He also gets a handsome amount of match fees for each international match. For Test matches he gets 5 lakhs INR for each match, for ODIs he gets 3 lakhs INR for each match and 2 lakhs INR for each T20.

KL Rahul also has a large number of brand endorsements in his pocket and one of the brands in that list is ‘Puma’. He gets approximately INR 1 crore from brand endorsements each year. Besides this player has a limited collection of luxury cars but all of them are exclusive and he bought many high end real-estates across the country.

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