Krunal Pandya Net Worth 2022

Krunal Pandya is a cricketer who plays for Indian Cricket Team. Krunal plays as an all-rounder for both Indian Cricket Team and the domestic teams. Over the years Krunal has become a very important figure in both Indian team and also for ‘Mumbai Indians’ through his consistent performances.

Krunal Pandya is a left-handed batsman and younger brother of Hardik Pandya. Krunal made a very good fortune over the years with his extraordinary performances. In 2021 it is estimated that Krunal’s net worth is approximately INR 45 crore or 6 million USD.

Krunal Pandya started his IPL career back in 2016 with the team called ‘Mumbai Indians’ and they paid him INR 2 crore for each season and this deal stood for two consecutive seasons. In 2018 Krunal got a raise in his paycheck and ‘Mumbai Indians’ offered him INR 8 crore and 80 lakhs for each season and this deal is active till date.

Krunal is a important figure for ‘Mumbai Indians’ undoubtedly and also for Indian Cricket team he is also a very important player. Though currently he doesn’t have any active contract with BCCI but hopefully he will get a contract very soon.

However, he played many matches for Indian Cricket team and for each game he earned a good amount of match fees. BCCI pays high match fees to every player who plays for them and the fees are; INR 15 lakhs for each Test Match, INR 6 lakhs for each ODI and INR 3 lakhs for each T20.

Krunal Pandya’s annual income is about 1.2 million USD. Also he has a lot of brand endorsements in his pocket which helps him earn a lot of fortune. Over the years Krunal’s net worth boomed drastically.

In 2017 he had INR 11 crore to his name, in 2018 that became INR 18 crore, next year it was INR 27 crore, in 2020 it became 36 crore and in 2021 it is expected that his net worth will become 45 crore. Besides, in Ahmedabad, India he owns a luxury house and he also owns a bunch of luxury cars.

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