Luka Jovic Net Worth 2022

Luka Jovic is a Serbian professional footballer. Jovic plays for the Serbian national team and Real Madrid. Jovic is considered as one of the most promising youngsters of modern day football. Jovic plays as a striker for both of the teams.

Jovic played for many teams over the years and he showed consistency in his game from time to time. He is known for his finishing, dribbling, ball controlling, passing and long range shooting. Jovic started his football career at a very early age. Red Star Belgrade is the team where he started his youth career and after nine years he started his senior career with the same team in 2014.

Jovic was loaned to many teams in his entire career many times and currently he is a player for the Spanish giants Real Madrid but he is on a loan.

Jovic is a regular player for the Serbian national team. He represented the team in various tournaments. Jovic is a very young player but he earned a good amount of wealth. Jovic’s net worth in the year 2021 is approximately USD 28 million.

Red Star Belgrade is the team where Jovic started his senior career in 2014. He stayed with the club for two years. He received USD 100K each season from the club. In 2016, Jovic switched teams and joined Benfica B. Jovic played one season with the club. Benfica B paid him USD 130K for that season.

Jovic was promoted to the main team of Benfica due to his good performances. He played with Benfica for three consecutive seasons. From Benfica he pocketed around USD 550K annually.

In the summer transfer window of 2019, Jovic joined Real Madrid and has been playing with the team ever since. Jovic signed a fo0ur year deal with the club. According to that contract he is receiving USD 10.3 million annually. Jovic also gets bonuses from Real Madrid.

Jovic is a very young player and he is improving his game play day by day. So, we can hope that he will become a significant player in the coming days.

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