Luka Modric Net Worth 2022

Luka Modric is a very popular name among football fans. Modric is one of the best footballers in the present day. He is the most successful Croatian footballer in the history of football. Luka Modric plays for the Croatian national team and Real Madrid. Modric plays as a central midfielder but he can also play as an attacking midfielder and as a defensive midfielder.

Modric is considered as a legend among the fans of Real Madrid. The fans gave him a nickname which is ‘The Little Magician’. Modric is an outstanding player. He is a complete midfielder. He has all the traits a footballer should have. He has pace, good finishing, long range shooting, dribbling, a higher defensive work rate and many more things.

Modric represented Croatia in various important tournaments such as Euro and FIFA World Cup. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup he dragged his nation to the finals single handedly. Modric also helped Real Madrid to win many crucial matches from time to time and won many trophies with the club.

Modric also earned a huge amount of money from football. Modric’s net worth in 2021 is approximately USD 75 million.
Modric started his senior career back in 2003 with the team called Dinamo Zagreb. He played there till 2008. Zagreb paid him USD 120K annually.

In mid-2008, Modric joined Tottenham Hotspur and played with the club till 2012. In these four seasons the club paid him USD 4.2 million for each season.
Modric switched teams in mid-2012 and joined Real Madrid. Real Madrid paid him USD 9.6 million till 2016. In the summer of 2017 Modric signed a new deal and started getting USD 21 million for each season. This deal was active till 2019.

2020 is the year when Modric received the highest salary of his entire career. He pocketed USD 27.6 million for that season. In 2021, he signed a new one year deal according to which he will get USD 20 million as salary for each season.

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