Memphis Depay Net Worth 2022

Memphis Depay is a professional footballer who plays for Netherlands and Barcelona. Memphis is commonly recognized by the name Memphis. This 27 years old forward is known to the football fans because of his great skills and high attacking work rate. Over the years Memphis has become a superstar in the football world. Memphis’s career has seen many ups and downs over the years but this man overcame every difficulty by his hard working mentality.

Memphis started his senior career with the team called PSV Eindhoven back in 2011. After his debut for PSV he showed the world how good he is on the pitch. All the great football clubs of Europe wanted to sign him back then. Later he joined Manchester United in 2015.

There he played two seasons. But in Manchester he performed poorly. Because of his lack of performance Manchester United sold him to Lyon. In Lyon Memphis got back his form and glory within a short period of time. Memphis joined his dream club in June 2021.

Memphis is a great footballer and he gained a lot of popularity in recent times. We know that the footballers are paid very generously. So, Memphis has also made a lot of money by playing football. In 2021 Memphis’s net worth is approximately USD 25 million.

When Memphis played for PSV he got around USD 1 million for each season. He played with this team for four consecutive seasons. Later he joined the Red Devils or Manchester United. He played two seasons for that club and he pocketed around USD 7 million annually there. He did not get any bonuses there because of his lack of performance.

In the year 2017 Memphis joined the French club Lyon. There he received USD 4 million per season in his first two seasons. Later he got a raise in his payment. From 2019 he started getting USD 6 million for each season.

Memphis joined Barcelona in 2021 and he signed a three year contract with this team. Memphis will get around USD 9 million from Barcelona annually.

Besides, Memphis is also a rapper and he owns a clothing brand. From these activities he also gets a handsome amount of money.

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