Mohammed Shami Net Worth 2022

Mohammed Shami Ahmed mostly known as Mohammed Shami is an Indian Cricketer. Mohammed Shami is a Right-arm fast bowler. Shami is known as a specialist of reverse swing. Shami has a good amount of pace in his bowls too, he can bowl consistently between 145 to 150 km/h which helped him through years to help his team win in many important fixtures.

Shami made his ODI debut back in 2013 against Pakistan and in this first match he made a record of bowling four maiden overs in a single match. In the same year he made his test debut against West Indies and he got a five wicket haul in his debut match.

All these outstanding performances helped Shami to earn a lot of respect, popularity and wealth. In 2021 it is estimated that his net worth is approximately INR 36 crore or 5 million USD.

Mohammed Shami started his IPL career back in 2011 with the team called ‘Kolkata Knight Riders’ and they paid him INR 10 lakhs and they continued to pay him the same amount of money for three consecutive seasons. In 2014, he joined ‘Delhi Daredevils’ and they paid him INR 4 crore and 25 lakhs for four seasons.

After that in 2018 Shami pocketed INR 3 crore from the same team. In 2019, Shami joined ‘Kings XI Punjab’ and they offered him a new contract according to which they would pay him INR 4 crore and 80 lakhs for each season and this deal stands till date.

Mohammed Shami is also a key player for Indian Cricket team, he helped this team to achieve some important wins in recent times. That’s why BCCI holds this player in a higher regard. BCCI recently offered Shami an A grade contract.

According to this contract he will get INR 5 crore annually. Also he will get match fees from BCCI for every match and the fees are INR 15 lakhs for each Test Match, INR 6 lakhs for each ODI and INR 3 lakhs for each T20. Mohammed Shami owns a luxury house in Uttar Pradesh and he also owns a bunch of luxury cars as well.

As a shining star of the Indian Cricket Team he has a number of brand endorsements in his pocket too which also helps him to make a good fortune.

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