Nacho Fernandez Net Worth 2022

José Ignacio Fernández Iglesias is a Spanish professional football player who is commonly known as Nacho. Nacho is a defender who plays as a right back. Nacho as a defender does his regular job, but he has some other extraordinary skills too. Nacho’s attacking work rate is also pretty high.

Nacho can run fast as a forward, cross the ball, dribble the ball in between defenders, score goals, create chances with passing and many more things. Nacho is an asset for Real Madrid.

Nacho won many trophies with the club such as UEFA Champions League, La Liga title, Copa Del Rey, FIFA Club World Cup and many more trophies.

Nacho is a key player for the Spanish national team also. Nacho represented Spain in various major tournaments and won quite a few trophies with the team.
Nacho earned a lot of respect and popularity by playing football. He earned a quite good amount of wealth for himself. In 2021, Nacho’s net worth is approximately USD 41 million.

Nacho started his senior career with Real Madrid B back in 2009. He played with the club for four seasons. Real Madrid B paid him USD 200K for each season that time.

Nacho was promoted to the main team of Real Madrid back in 2014. He received USD 750k for his first season from the club. Then he signed a two year contract with Real Madrid in 2015. According to this contract he received USD 2.4 million for each season till 2016.

In 2017, Nacho signed a new contract with the club. After signing the contract Nacho started to receive USD 5.7 million from 2017 to 2019.

Nacho signed a new contract with Real Madrid in mid-2019. This contract came up with a huge raise in his paycheck. Nacho signed the deal without any hesitation. According to this contract Nacho is receiving USD 10.1 million for each season to the present day.

Nacho also has some brand endorsements in his pocket and from them he earns quite a lot of money annually.

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