Netflix Mod APK 7.49.0 Premium Download Latest Version 2021

Netflix is very popular online streaming service of television program drama, cinema and film. It broadcast live TV program throughout the world. On June 2020, it has more than 182 million subscriptions.

Are you looking for Netflix Mod APK premium version? This article is written to offer you the latest version of Netflix Mod APK with unlimited features.

What is Netflix?

If you are an internet user then most probably you have heard the name of Netflix. This is the most popular platform for watching movies TV shows and drama online. But the original app has restriction. You have to purchase subscription in order to watch television and movies.

But very often it is very impossible for all to purchase Netflix premium package with paying a lot of money. So only Mod APK is the solution of this problem. By using Netflix Mod APK you can break this restriction. And you can’t download movie, drama, cinemas from Netflix.

Very often ads disturbs. It hold concentration away. So customers become Android by watching those disturbing ad. You can easily stop all the ads while watching movies or television channel using Netflix app.

You can unlock all those secret functionalities of Netflix with using modded version of Netflix app.

We are very happy to declare that new and latest version arrives in the internet.

Netflix Mod APK

There are many people who don’t want to spend money for entertainment purpose. They always look for free. But you Netflix you cannot enjoy anything for free without subscription. You need to pay use amount of money for monthly subscription.

People from all over the world are locked down at their home right now because of coronavirus. Watching television, online shows and using social media websites are the main source of entertainment now.

There are thousands of application that enables you for watch online programs and television channels using your Android device. Netflix is the very popular platform for watching drama, movie and television channel.

But all those things are not free at all. You need to get account in order to get maximum advantage of Netflix. They have developed an Android app and which name is Netflex. But you have to upgrade your package to premium in order to enjoy unlimited watch.

But it is a matter of great sorrow that Netflix premium package is very costly. So majority of Netflix users cannot upgrade their package to this unlimited or pro version.

Mod APK is the best solution for Netflix premium. In this article we talk about advantages of using Netflix Mod APK. By reading this article you will learn several aspects of Netflix modded APK. So let’s get started.

Information about Netflix Mod APK

As you wish to use Netflix Mod APK, you must need to know some important information regarding Netflix Mod APK. That’s why we have collected some information which is very vital for you. Let’s take a look from the below chart.



File Size:


Last Update:

Operating System:

Number of Downloads:

Features of Netflix Mod APK

You have already know that Netflix is a premium platform for watching TV shows and movies. You have to create account on this website in order to enjoy those facilities. But all those accounts are not capable of watching all the programs of Netflix. There are some private programs that need you to upgrade your account to premium level.

In order to do that you must have to pay higher amount of money for monthly charge. But it is quite impossible for many of you because you don’t have wish to spend lot of money for entertainment.

There is the need of Netflix Mod APK. This application will enable you after watching all the web series movies short films reality shows without paying any charge for creating any account on that website.

There are some excellent features of Netflix Mod APK. And they are given below.

* Unlimited watch time

* No account needed

* No country restriction

* No age restriction

* Everything is completely free

What’s New in Latest Netflix Mod APK

There are some features that is absolutely latest. And those features are absent in the last version of Netflix.

You know that you have to pay 600 rupees or $8 in order to buy premium subscription. And for bypassing the payment you must need latest Netflix modded APK. Yes, absolutely!

That is the latest version of Netflix. You can easily login to Netflix app without paying any charge our monthly subscription.

Another important think is added in Netflix modded APK. And that is the program schedule of Netflix. You can easily download entire list of upcoming program on every Netflix channel.

Moreover all the bug has been fixed. So you can enjoy only interrupted service in the latest Netflix modded APK. Unexpected error problem has been solved. So let’s get it and enjoy the premium version without paying any charge.

How to Use Netflix Mod APK

Anyone with a little knowledge about Android can easily use this application on their device. Because it is very to download and use this application properly. But you need a little knowledge in order to utilise the best functionality of this Netflix Mod APK.

That’s why Netflix website publishers user guide on their website. And a good news is that the user guide is first time included in the Netflix Mod APK app.

By reading the user guide you can easily understand all the functionality and menu of this app. Now we are going to briefly describe how to use Netflix Mod APK.

At first you have to download the Mod APK from the internet. This modded version is available in many websites.

After downloading it you need to clear cache data from the Android folder.

Then you have to install this Mod APK in your device.

While installing this app you may be asked to provide some permission to App publisher to access your information like your name, location, language etc.

After after successful installation you have to restart your device. Only after that your App will function perfectly.

We hope that you have successfully connected Netflix Mod APK and launch it. Now we are going to show you some tips and tricks of perfectly utilising Netflix Mod APK.

Netflix Mod APK Tips and Tricks

Do do you want to enjoy HD video in Netflix? Then Mod APK is the only solution. There is a technique for utilising this Mod APK in order to watch high definition videos on Netflix. In order to do that you have to to visit setting menu from the app.

After visiting setting menu you have to click on video quality from the tab.

Then select 720 from the quality menu.

And finally click on save setting.

All the videos Netflix will be played in HD format to you. You can change the setting anytime.

Frequently Asked Question

When you watch video on Netflix you may probably face some problems. And it is very difficult for you to solve problem yourself. That’s why we are here to help you out. We answer all the questions you probably ask.

1. Is Netflix Mod APK completely free?

Many of you have inboxed us to know is Netflix Mod APK free. To answer this question, we can say that is absolutely free. Anyone can enjoy unlimited Netflix without paying any search by using Netflix Mod APK for both IOS and Android.

Final Words

To conclude we can say that our article might help you finding out useful information about Netflix Mod APK. If you face any problem regarding Netflix then you can ask in the comment section below. Will try our best to provide you with appropriate information.

Thank you very much for reading this article. Please visit our website frequently in order to find thousands off Mod APK review.

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