Neto Net Worth 2022

Norberto Murara Neto is a Brazilian footballer. People all over the world know him mostly as Neto. He plays for the Brazilian national team and for Barcelona. This Brazilian player is known for his classical goalkeeping and outstanding reflexes. Neto is a backup goalkeeper for Barcelona.

Neto played for many clubs over the years and impressed the fans worldwide. Neto helped all the teams he played for to win crucial matches and major trophies. Neto played for many world-class clubs such as Juventus, Fiorentina, Valencia and Barcelona.

Neto represented Brazil in the 2012 Olympics games and in that tournament Neto won a silver. He was also a part of the Brazilian squad of 2015 Copa America.
Most of his career Neto has played as a backup goalkeeper but he has proven his worth every time he was called for the Duty. Neto may be one of the most underrated goalkeepers nowadays.

Though Neto played most of the time as a backup goalkeeper, he managed to earn a good amount of fortune for himself over the years. In the year 2021, it is estimated that Neto’s net worth is approximately USD 19 million.

Neto started his senior professional football career back in 2009 with the team called Athletico Paranaense. He played with the team for two seasons. The club paid him USD 100K for each season.
In 2011, Neto joined Fiorentina, an Italian club. With that club he played for four consecutive seasons. In that time he was paid USD 850K for each season as salary by the club.

After leaving Fiorentina, Neto joined Juventus, another Italian club. He stayed with the club for two seasons and Juventus paid him USD 4.5 million for each season.

In 2018, Neto switched teams and joined the Spanish team called Valencia. Valencia paid him USD 4 million annually. Neto spent another two years of his career with Valencia and left the club in order to join Barcelona.

Neto joined Barcelona in 2019 and currently he is playing for that club. Barcelona pays him USD 3.3 million annually. He also gets a bonus sometimes from Barcelona.

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