Pedri Net Worth 2022

Pedro González López, mostly known as Pedri, is a professional footballer who belongs to Spanish origins. Pedri was born on 25th November, 2002 in Tegueste, Spain. Pedri is only eighteen years old and football fans all over the world know his name quite well.

Pedri plays in the central midfielder position. Pedri is basically a central attacking midfielder. Pedri is known for his playmaking attributes. Pedri’s passes are pin-point accurate and he helps the team to score goals by creating unbelievable chances. Playmaking is a very difficult job. Whenever we think of football we only think about scoring goals and the strikers but it is the midfielders who create the chances.

Sometimes football fans compare Pedri to Iniesta for Pedri’s skills with the ball and great passes. Pedri wears the no. 16 kits on the pitch for Barcelona.

Pedri gained a lot of popularity and fame in recent times through his performance. Nowadays he is a key player for the Barcelona team and an asset for the Spanish midfield.

In 2021, the net worth of Pedri is approximately USD 2.5 million.

Pedri started playing football at a very early age. He played for Juventud Laguna and Las Palmas as a junior player. Later in 2019 Pedri started his senior professional career with Las Palmas. There he played for one season. For that season Las Palmas gave him around USD 350K.

Later Pedri joined Barcelona in 2020 and played for this club ever since. Pedri signed a four year contract with the club. According to this contract he gets around USD 40K salary weekly and annually it becomes USD 2.5 million. Pedri also gets bonuses based on individual performance.

Pedri is a very young player and at this age most of the players play for the second division clubs. But Pedri is playing for one of the best clubs in the world. So, we can assume that Pedri’s performance will improve and his income will increase too.

Some brands are also very keen to work with this young player so we can hope that Pedri’s net worth will get a boost in the coming years.

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