Raul Garcia Net Worth 2022

Raúl García Escudero commonly known as Raul Garcia is a professional footballer who belongs to Spanish origins. Raul plays for the Spanish national team and for the Spanish club Athletic Bilbao. Raul plays mainly as an attacking midfielder but he can also play as a midfielder or second striker.

Raul is a key player for the Bilbao team. He joined the club back in 2015 and since then he is a part of the team. Raul played for many teams over the years and won many major trophies from time to time. He won a total of 6 major trophies in his club career.

Raul is known for his spell in the Spanish club Atletico Madrid where he won a Europa League and many other trophies. He played more than 300 games for the team.

Raul Garcia made his international debut back in 2014. He has played many games for his nation. He represented his nation at many important tournaments. He helped the team to win many crucial matches from time to time.

Raul made a good amount of fortune by playing football. The estimated net worth of Raul is approximately USD 44.2 million.

Raul started his senior career with the team called Osasuna B back in 2004. He played there for one season only. He received USD 110K from the club for that season. He joined the main team of Osasuna in 2005 and played two seasons with the club. Osasuna paid him USD 280K annually that time.

In 2007, Raul joined Atletico Madrid and stayed there for a long time till 2015. He was a key player for the club back then. Raul was paid 560K annually for his services in the early times. Later he signed a new deal with the club in 2010. From that time on he started receiving USD 1.3 million annually. In mid-2014, he signed a new deal with Atletico Madrid and from that time on he received USD 2.9 million till 2015.

Raul joined Athletic Bilbao in the summer transfer window of 2015 and he has been playing for the club since then. He receives USD 7.2 million annually from the club since he joined and the contract is valid till date.

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