Renan Lodi Net Worth 2022

Renan Augusto Lodi dos Santos is a Brazilian professional footballer who is mostly known as Renan Lodi. Lodi plays for the Brazilian national team and Atletico Madrid. Lodi plays as a left-back. Lodi is only 23 years old and he is considered as one of the promising left backs of his generation.

Lodi is known for his defense, dribbling, crossing, passing and aerial abilities. Lodi is mainly a defender but he often joins the attack with his team and helps the team to score. Lodi’s attacking work rate is similar to a midfielder. Lodi joined Atletico in 2019 and he is already a superstar of the team. He won the La Liga title with the club in the 2020-21 season.

Lodi plays as a replacement player for Marcelo in the Brazilian national team. Lodi is a very young player and he is a very consistent player on the pitch. In the near future when Marcelo retires from the national team Lodi is going to have the place.

Lodi made a good amount of wealth by playing football. In 2021, the estimated net worth of Lodi is approximately USD 11.8 million.

Athletico Paranaense is the club where Lodi started his senior career in 2016. He stayed with the club for three consecutive seasons and performed very well. He was paid USD 120K by the club for the first season. Later he was paid USD 200K annually for the next two seasons.

Lodi joined Atletico Madrid back in 2019. From that time on he has been playing with Atletico Madrid. He was paid 1.9 million for the first season from the club. He renewed his contract with Atletico Madrid in 2020 and signed a five year deal.

According to this contract he started receiving USD 4.8 million. This contract will expire in 2025. Lodi also gets bonuses from the club for every clean sheet and assists he makes.

Lodi also has some brand endorsements to his name and from them he gets a good amount of money annually.

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