Rishabh Pant Net Worth 2022

Rishabh Rajendra Pant is an Indian cricketer. Rishabh plays as a wicketkeeper and middle order batsman. Rishabh Pant became an important figure both in Domestic and International cricket over the years. In Ranji Trophy’s 2016-17 season Rishabh scored 308 runs against Maharashtra in a single innings.

Pant also holds the record of the fastest century in Ranji Trophy, he scored a century from 48 balls. In 2018 Pant scored 128 runs against Sunrisers Hyderabad from 63 balls only. All these record breaking performances helped him to earn his place in world cricket at a very early age. In 2021 Rishabh Pant’s net worth is estimated to be INR 47 crore or 6.5 million USD.

Rishabh Pant started his IPL career back in 2016 with ‘Delhi Daredevils’ and they paid him INR 1 crore and 90 lakhs for that season. In 2017 the contract stayed the same. In 2018 they offered him a new contract according to which they are willing to pay him INR 8 crore for each season. This contract lasted for three seasons.

In 2021 ‘Delhi Capitals’ offered Rishabh a new contract and he will get INR 15 crore from now on for each season. Rishabh also has an A grade contract with BCCI and this contract earns him INR 5 crore annually. As an important player he plays most of the International matches with Indian Cricket team and thus he also gets a handsome amount of match fees everytime.

The match fees are INR 15 lakhs for each Test Match, INR 6 lakhs for each ODI and INR 3 lakhs for each T20. Rishabh Pant’s net worth boomed over the years, in 2018 his net worth was INR 15 crore, in 2019 it became 24 crore, in 2020 his net worth became INR 32 crore and in 2021 it is estimated that his net worth will become INR 47 crore approximately.

Rishabh also has brand endorsements to boost his fortune even more. Besides, he owns a bunch of luxury cars and high end real estates across the country.

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