Rohit Sharma Net Worth 2022 Cars, Salary, Income, Endorsements

Rohit Sharma who is considered as one of the most successful opening batsman in the history of cricket. No matter what number of huge run chase you are upto, if you have a player like Rohit in your team then you can rely on him blindly.

In every format of cricket this man has shown consistent performance over the years and shown the whole world which class he belongs to. When there is a player with that much potential, surely fortune will follow him wherever he goes.

It is undoubtedly true that Rohit Sharma performed outstandingly in many important matches both in international matches and domestic matches and earned him a title ‘Hitman’.The estimated net worth of Rohit Sharma in 2021 is approximately 22 million USD or 160 crore INR.

Rohit started his IPL career with ‘Deccan Chargers’ back in 2008 and that season he was paid 3 crore INR. Then in 2009 and 2010 he pocketed the same amount of money from the same team. In 2011 he started to play for the team called ‘Mumbai Indians’ and he is still with that team till date.

From the first three seasons with ‘Mumbai Indians’ Rohit got 9 crore and 20 lakhs INR for each season. After the first three seasons he got a huge raise in his pay scale as they started to give him 12 crore and 50 lakhs INR for each season. Mumbai Indians continued to give him this amount of payment for 4 years from 2014 to 2017.

In 2018 Rohit Sharma renewed his contract with ‘Mumbai Indians’ and in the new contract the team offered him 15 crore INR for each season. Rohit is an A+ Grade player for BCCI and they give him a salary of 7 crore INR every year.

Besides he also receives match fees as INR 15 lakhs for each Test Match, INR 6 lakhs for each ODI and INR 3 lakhs for each IT20. Rohit also earns INR 35,000 per day when he plays Ranji Trophy. This Indian cricketer also earns approximately 60-70 crore INR from the brand endorsements.

The net worth of Rohit’s last five years is respectively 91 crore INR, 103 crore INR, 118 crore INR, 132 crore INR and in 2021 he has made 145 crore INR so far but hopefully by the end of 2021 his net worth will be 160 crore INR.

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