Salford Royal Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

The medical treatment science has changed dramatically in the last few years. Medical care is one of the basic needs of a human being in today’s world’s perspective. Without medical care the life of a human being is not more than that of a beast. With the passage of time the demand for good medical care is increasing greatly.

For that reason, many world class hospitals have evolved in the world medical scenario. Some of the great hospitals of the world are situated in England. Most of these hospitals are regulated by the National Health Service. England is a very advanced country and the lifestyle of the country is very good. The people here receive great medical care as there are a lot of well-known hospitals available in the country.

The Salford Royal Hospital is one of the top-notch hospitals of England and it is also one of the best hospitals in the entire Europe region. The former name of the hospital was Hope Hospital. Salford Royal Hospital is a university teaching hospital. The Hospital is situated at Pendleton, Salford, England.

This hospital is affiliated with two universities named University of Manchester and University of Salford. The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust runs the Salford Royal Hospital. There are 728 beds available in this hospital which means around 728 patients can be treated at this hospital at the same time. There is also one Level 1 trauma center available in the hospital which is the emergency department of the hospital. The Salford Royal Hospital was established back in 1882.

This hospital is also enriched with history. The main Salford hospital was established in 1827 at Chapel Street. Later the name of the hospital was changed to Salford Royal Hospital in the 1870s. The hospital was also bombed back in 1941 during the World War ll back then 14 nurses were killed. The hospital was also closed for several years between 1990 to 2006 for the budget cut of the government. But in 2007 the authorities started to build a new building for the hospital and the hospital started again in 2012.

The performance of the Salford Royal Hospital is one of the best in the entire Europe region. The hospital is one of the most advanced hospitals you can find in England. The Salford Hospital has produced a huge number of medical graduates over the years. This is one of the best medical teaching institutes in the country. The doctors who work in the hospital are well experienced and have degrees from reputed medical universities.

Doctors, nurses and the other medical staff are the main elements of a hospital. The nurses of the hospital are also very friendly and know how to deal with a patient. In today’s world the medical industry is also very much relied upon by the modern medical machinery more than anything. For this reason, the Salford Royal Hospital has brought all the necessary things they needed for the hospital.

The doctors of this hospital are top-notch. These doctors are one of the best in treating patients. There are a huge number of departments available in the hospital. All the departments have a set of doctors who possess good skills. To know more about the doctors the patients should visit the website of the hospital. In the website of the hospital all kinds of information about the doctors are provided. The patients can also get appointments via the website.

People or the patients who are not that much in touch with the internet, they want to get in touch with the hospital via the phone. So, a contact number which is 24/7 online is very much needed for a hospital of this caliber. This number is also known as the hotline or helpline number of the hospital. If you need any kind of assistance from the hospital then you can call at this number. You can call at this number for a doctor’s appointment. The contact number of the Salford Royal Hospital is: +44-161-789-7373.

Updated: October 20, 2021 — 12:29 pm

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