Samuel Umtiti Net Worth 2022

Samuel Yves Um Titi commonly known as Samuel Umtiti is a French professional footballer. Umtiti plays for Barcelona and French national team. Umtiti plays as a center back in both of his teams. Umtiti is known for his defending skills as well as passing. Over the years he has become a regular player for Barcelona and French national team.

Umtiti won the 2013 U-20 FIFA World Cup. He was a part of the French squad of Euro-16. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup Umtiti was a crucial player for the French side.

Umtiti showed great performances from time to time and got the attention of the international fan base. In mid-2016 he signed for Barcelona, one of the great clubs in the world.

Samuel Umtiti won many trophies in club football alongside his international trophies. Umtiti also won many individual trophies over time.

With consistent performance Umtiti gained a lot of popularity. Umtiti earned a quite good amount of fortune by playing football. In 2021, it is estimated that Umtiti’s net worth is approximately USD 40.5 million.

Umtiti started his senior professional career back in 2010 with Lyon II. He played with this team for two seasons. The club paid him around 300K for each season. In 2012 he was promoted to the main team of Lyon. After joining Lyon his salary increased, he got USD 650K for each season till 2014.

In 2015, Samuel Umtiti got a raise in his paycheck. From that time on Lyon started to pay him USD 1.5 million annually. The next season he got the same amount of money from the same club.

In mid-2016 Umtiti joined Barcelona on a four year deal contract. In the first two seasons he got USD 5.5 million as salary from Barcelona. In 2018, Umtiti signed a new contract with the club. According to this new deal he got USD 7 million for a single season.

From the year 2019, Umtiti got a huge raise on his salary after signing a new deal with the club. After penning this deal Umtiti started getting USD 12 million for each season. The deal is active till date.

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