Shikhar Dhawan Net Worth 2022

Shikhar Dhawan is an opening batsman for Indian national cricket team. This left handed batsman is a phenomenal player who helped his both domestic and international teams to win crucial matches. He is also known for his quick run making and hard hitting boundaries.

For all of his attributes he is named ‘Gabbar’ by the fans and followers. Shikhar Dhawan has a huge fan base in the entire cricket world and this helped him to make a good fortune out of his career. The net worth of Shikhar in 2021 is estimated approximately 13 million USD or 96 crore INR. So if you are interested not only in Shikhar’s cricket career but also in his earnings, assets and net worth then dive into this article.

Shikhar Dhawan played for a number of teams in IPL. Now he is with ‘Delhi Capitals’ and they are paying him 5 crore and 20 lakhs for each season. He debuted in IPL with Delhi back in 2008 and after one season in 2009 he joined a team called ‘Mumbai Indians’ and remained there till 2010.

From 2008 to 2010 both teams paid him 12 lakhs INR for each season. Then in 2011 he joined ‘Deccan Chargers’ and played for them for two consecutive seasons. This team paid Dhawan 1 crore and 38 lakhs INR for each season. In 2013 he joined ‘Sunrisers Hyderabad’ and was paid the same amount of money as last season. In 2014 Dhawan got a huge raise in his pay scale

‘Sunrisers Hyderabad’ signed a new contract with him and gave him 12 crore and 50 lakhs INR for each season and it continued till 2017. Then they reduced the sum to 5 crore and 20 lakhs INR in 2018 and this pay scale remained the same till date but he switched teams in 2019 and joined ‘Delhi Capitals’.

Shikhar Dhawan’s monthly income is approximately 50 lakhs and his annual income is about 6 crore INR. He also has an A grade player contract with BCCI and is paid 5 crore INR each year for this contract and also he gets his match fees as per this contract which is 3 lakhs INR for each ODI, 5 lakhs INR for each Test Match and 2 lakhs for each T20.

Besides, Shikhar has many luxury cars and owns a multiple number of high-end real estate properties across the globe.

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