Shirley Setia Net Worth 2022

If we think about the next Bollywood singing sensation one name comes to mind and the name is none other than Shirley Setia. She is only 25 years old and she has already been featured by Forbes Magazine and they referred to her as “Bollywood’s next big singing sensation”. Shirley Setia was born in Daman, India but she was raised in Auckland, New Zealand.

After graduating from University of Auckland Setia participated in a contest which was conducted by T-Series and almost at the same time she also started her YouTube channel. She recorded her first YouTube videos wearing pyjamas at her bedroom.

That’s why the New Zealand Herald gave her the nickname ‘Pyjama Popstar’. Shirley also worked as a radio jockey for some time. But she never quitted YouTube, she uploaded her videos regularly from the beginning and she collaborated with many artists from various countries such as the US, India, UK, and Canada.

As time passed, her followers boomed over time and so her channel came into limelight. In January 2021, she had 308 million views on her channel and 3.71 million subscribers.

Shirley started her singing career back in 2014. Since then she has worked with many influential artists and gained a lot of popularity because of her quality works. With all these popularity and fame, wealth also followed her.

In 2021 it is estimated that this singer has approximately 2 million to 5 million USD. As this celebrity does not disclose her financial condition to the public it is hard to be exact about the amount precisely.

Over the years Shirley’s net worth boomed drastically with his popularity. She charges about INR 4-5 lakhs per show. She also gets about INR 12 lakhs for every single song she records for any record company. But mostly she makes money through her social media accounts and YouTube channel.

Her YouTube channel has a great reach and popularity and view counts are rising daily on a huge scale so it is undoubtedly true that she makes a huge amount of money through YouTube. Nowadays she has also started her acting career as well and she charged INR 35 lakhs for her first ever Telugu film.

Shirley Setia has now moved to Mumbai permanently to pursue her career at Bollywood and we can hope that with this decision her wealth will increase enormously in the coming years.

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