Virat Kohli Net Worth 2022 Cars, Salary, Income, Endorsements

Virat Kohli the name speaks for itself. Whenever Virat Kohli’s name resonates there is no need for an introduction. Day by day Virat became a sensation for the youth not only for his mesmerizing career in cricket but also for his lavishing lifestyle, enormous wealth and charismatic personality.

In Asia he is considered as one of the most influential style icons. By the years Virat became more prominent at the Indian cricket scenario and thus his wealth increased rapidly. We all know about the records this man broke and his capability in the field but do you know much money this guy made? Let’s find out shall we?

The estimation of Indian cricket team’s captain is around 125 million dollars as for 2021 which means currently he has a fortune of approximately 918 core Indian Rupees. Back in time Virat had to make his fortune mostly through match fees but time has changed and so did the world.

In this age of tech and social media stars like him don’t have to depend only on match fees. Virat gets around 10 crore Indian rupees through brand endorsements. Global brands like Audi, Puma and many others are now working with Virat. He is the most followed celebrity on Instagram in the whole Asian continent.

Virat charges around 5 crore Indian Rupees for each of the brand endorsements. He also charges 25 lakh Indian Rupees for each Instagram post. He gets annually 1.29 crore for the contract he has with BCCI and as A+ grade cricketer he also gets INR 15 lakhs for Tests, INR 6 lakhs for ODIs and INR 3 lakhs for T20s in each match.

Monthly income of this player is 5 crore Indian rupees and 60 crore INR annually. So, hopefully he will make another 60 crore INR in 2021. In the last five years Virat Kohli’s net worth boomed drastically. In 2017 he had 65 million dollar in his name. Which became 82 million in 2018.

The next year it became 95 million in total. In 2020 the accumulated wealth became 110 million dollar. In 2021 it will become 125 million dollar according to current statistics. Virat’s whole IPL career he has played for RCB and they give him 18 crore INR each season.

Besides he also owns many luxury cars such as Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini etc. Virat also has a very good taste in real estate. He bought many luxury houses throughout India.

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