Zomato Customer Care Number Ghaziabad – Helpline Support Contact Number

Zomato is a prominent name in the food delivery business. People all over the world have heard about this food delivery platform at least once in their lifetime. It is an Indian food delivery platform and one of the oldest food delivery platforms of the entire world. Zomato started its journey back in 2008 and at that time the name of the platform was Foodiebay.

Foodiebay was created by three Indian people called Gunjan Patidar, Pankaj Chaddad and Deepinder Goyal. Later the name of the Foodiebay platform changed and on 18th January, 2010 the name was changed to Zomato. Zomato has come a long way since its establishment. In the early times the main focus of Zomato was to capture the Southeast Asian market.

Zomato has done it pretty well without any doubt. In recent years Zomato has also stretched its operation to the European and American continent. In these two continents Zomato has also gained a huge popularity and success. Zomato is now available in more than 24 countries and in 10 thousand cities. Zomato has more than 25 thousands employees working for them worldwide.

Zomato has gained popularity for a lot of reasons. First of all, the service quality of Zomato is top notch. Zomato knows about the customers’ expectations and works according to that expectation. Secondly, this platform is very cheap compared to the other platforms. Zomato charges very little money from the customers and restaurants for the deliveries. Thirdly, Zomato is very easy to use.

The user interface of the app and the website of Zomato is very user friendly and people who have a little bit of knowledge about the internet can use this platform very easily. Fourthly, Zomato has been in the food delivery business for more than a decade. This platform has a huge amount of experience and this experience helps Zomato perform better. Zomato hires the best people for the job.

The employees of Zomato are very much qualified and experienced. Discounts and promo codes are now very much important for all the e-commerce sites out there. Zomato knows that discounts and promo codes can make a huge difference on its business so Zomato gives away many discount offers and promo codes to the customers very often.

To hear what the customers have to say is a huge task nowadays. If a corporation cannot communicate with their customers properly then it is a very difficult task to expand the business. Zomato also takes care of that.

Zomato has a lot of customer service centers across all the nations they serve and the customers belonging from that particular nation can call at these customer service centers for any kind of assistance. Customers can call for many reasons such as if they are facing any issues with their Zomato account, if there is any problem the customers are facing during placing an order, if the food that was delivered to the customer had any issues, if the rider who delivered the food has misbehaved with the customer etc.

If the customers are facing any issues then they can call the customer care service or the helpline center of Zomato. The support team of Zomato is very much active and tries to solve all the problems as soon as possible. The customers can also call on these helpline centers if they have any queries.

The restaurant owners can also call at these numbers if they have any queries about Zomato. The restaurant owners who want to work with Zomato in the near future can also call at these numbers to seek assistance.

There are a lot of ways to get in touch with the Zomato helpline centers. In the website of Zomato the number of all the helpline numbers are provided. The numbers for every country differ so try to find the number of your region. The customers can also email them about the issues. The app is very effective in contacting the customer care service.

Updated: October 20, 2021 — 12:26 pm

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