Zomato Customer Care Number Patna – Helpline Support Contact Number

The number of internet and smart device users is increasing every day. The internet and smartphone are not a mere thing of luxury anymore. The availability of these things has increased over the years and almost all people around the world use these things on a daily basis. Without the internet our lives are unthinkable nowadays.

The emergence of the internet has brought many things into our lives and the way of our lifestyle has changed a lot in the last few years. We do not need to go out to do our everyday work nowadays. Most of the things we do in our daily lives can be done over the internet.

The ongoing pandemic has also increased the value of the internet and smart devices in our lives. We can now get connected to our loved ones over the internet just because of the social media platforms, we can find our dating partners on the internet, we can do our shopping, we can book our tickets for cinema and there are many other things which can be done over the internet within seconds.

The food delivery platforms have also got a huge popularity in the last few years. Food is an essential thing for all human beings and people also like to eat the delicious foods from their favorite restaurants. But going to a restaurant is a very time consuming task. So, people want to enjoy the fabulous food of the restaurants in their homes and that’s when these food delivery platforms come into play.

These platforms deliver the fresh and warm food to the exact location the consumers want. If you are at the office or at your university and at the launch time you want to eat your favorite food, no worries just order food on this platform and they will deliver it to you within 20 to 40 minutes.

There are a lot of food delivery services on the internet these days and some of them are very good. These delivery platforms also charge a very low amount of money. Zomato is a very popular name in the field of food delivery business.

Zomato is an Indian food delivery platform which operates all around the world. Zomato is also one of the oldest food delivery platforms available out there. In the year 2008, three Indian entrepreneurs founded this platform and back then the name of this platform was Foodiebay. Then Foodiebay only operated in India.

Over the years the serving area of this platform has expanded. On 18th January, 2010 the name of Foodiebay was changed to Zomato. Zomato’s main business area is the Southeast Asian market but in recent times they have also launched their operations in the American continent.

People all over the world know about this food delivery platform. Zomato is very much popular among the consumers and the restaurants because the delivery charges of this platform are very low compared to other platforms. The service of Zomato is top notch without any doubt.

The people who work for Zomato are very much qualified for the job. Zomato has been in the food delivery platform for almost 14 years and Zomato has a huge experience in the field of food delivery business. Discounts and promo codes are very much essential in the food delivery business nowadays and Zomato knows it pretty well. That’s why Zomato gives away a huge amount of discounts every now and then. Zomato also provides the customers with promo codes and vouchers. The first delivery from Zomato is free for every customer.

Customer care service is also a very important factor for the food delivery business. The opinions of the consumers are important and without listening to the consumers no food delivery platform can expand their business. Customers call these hotlines or customer service cares to let the company know about any issues or to seek help about the customer’s accounts.

Many people call for the queries they have about the corporation. So, if you need to tell Zomato about any issues or want to fulfill your queries contact their helpline. You can contact them via their app or website.

Updated: August 30, 2021 — 10:07 am

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