Zomato Customer Care Number UAE – Helpline Support Contact Number

Zomato is a very popular name in the field of food delivery business. The name Zomato resonates all over the world because of its excellent service. Food delivery platforms may be the most desirable way to enjoy delicious food nowadays for most of the people around the world. Today’s world is going through an enormous change and the lifestyle of all the people living on earth has also changed dramatically.

With the evolution of the internet and technology many new things have come into our lives and become essential parts of our life. We cannot think of passing a single day without these things. Social media platforms, food delivery platforms, e-commerce and many other things are the byproduct of the internet and modern technology.

Smart gadgets and the internet are not a thing of mere luxury anymore, these things became more of a necessity for most of the people around the world. The availability of the internet and modern technology is increasing day by day and the user count of these two things are also on the rise.

People living on all corners of the globe nowadays use food delivery platforms on a regular basis. UberEats, JustGrab, FoodPanda, Deliveroo and many other food delivery platforms are available globally nowadays. Zomato is one of the food delivery platforms which is available worldwide. It is a food delivery platform which is based in India and it is the only global food delivery platform of India. Three Indian entrepreneurs created a food delivery platform called Foodiebay back in 2008.

At first it was only a local food delivery platform which only operated in the major cities of India and gradually it expanded its area of business to all the corners of India. Later in 2010 the name of Foodiebay was changed to Zomato and this food delivery platform expanded its operations globally. In more than 30 countries the service of Zomato is available these days. In 10 thousands major cities of the world Zomato is available. Zomato has an employee count of more than 5000 people. The annual revenue of this platform is around USD 360 million.

Zomato is very popular among food lovers for a lot of reasons. The delivery charge of Zomato charges very less than the other food delivery platforms. The service of Zomato is very good too. Customers all around the world love to get good service at a reasonable price. Zomato is very innovative with its business plans and the platform has been in business for a very long time. Zomato is a name of trust for most of the consumers.

Zomato hires only the most qualified and the most dedicated people for the job and all the employees of Zomato know how to deal with the customers. Zomato also offers the customer with a lot of discounts and promo codes. Discounts and promo codes are very much essential for all of the e-commerce platforms. The availability of Zomato is another reason for its success. Zomato is available in most of the countries of the world.

Customers these days love to get connected with the e-commerce platforms and let the corporation know about their feelings and for that reason the helpline centers or the customer care centers are very much important for the e-commerce platforms. Customers can get contact with the platforms for various reasons. First of all there can be issues with the accounts of the customers. Customers can face issues with the service of Zomato and many other issues can appear while using the service of Zomato.

For these reasons customers can call at the customer care centers of Zomato and try to find a solution to their problems. The restaurant owners can also call on these helplines to seek assistance. The customer care support of Zomato is top notch and they try to solve the problems as soon as possible.

There are a lot of ways to get in touch with the support team of Zomato. You can visit their website to collect the number of their customer care center or the email address where you can knock them. You can also try out the Zomato app of Zomato.

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