RT PCR Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

The reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test is called RT PCR test in short. This test is taken on the RNA molecules. In this article, you will find a number of necessary scientific facts on the RT PCR test and the RT PCR test price in Bangladesh.

The test itself

The whole test is done in-vitro conditions. The DNA is a double helix bond where one DNA strand is opposite to another. If the PCR test is not successful and the nature of the DNA can not describe any anomaly within the DNA, the RT PCR test is taken into account. If the doctor is not satisfied with a DNA report and still thinks there is a chance of disease invasion, the RT PCR test is advised.

The mode of association

The white blood cells of the body counterattack any foreign molecule or object. The virus can fool the immune system and act like another defense mechanism molecule. In this case, the HBC cells release the infected cells, and the infection cells spread in abundance. In such cases, the cross-section of an RNA is taken for multiplication and transcription.

The steps

There are two kinds of RT PCR tests. The one-step RT PCR is quite simple, less time-consuming, and comfortably done in the lab. The two-step RT PCR test needs a standard set of handsets, high-tech equipment to perform the test, and even closer attention to detail. There is also the risk of contamination associated with the two-step RT PCR test. The transfer of the sample to the pipette is highly prone to contamination. So, in all aspects, it needs special care. Nowadays, the COVID-19 tests are done with the help of RT PCR.

Testing procedure

First, a small amount of blood is taken for inspection. Later, the blood is inserted into a centrifuge machine. This helps the attendee to collect the serum of the blood from the top of the test tube. Due to centrifugation, blood particles reach down to the bottom of the test tube while the liquid and the top portion get occupied with a serum which is the purest form of antibody and antigens. The RNA of antigens and antibodies are tested to observe the problem associated with the individual.

RT PCR test price in Bangladesh

RT PCR test is done for 3000 taka in Bangladesh. If someone is going abroad and need to take the test for a health report, the government has allowed a 500 taka rebate on the test and the test price falls to 2500 taka.

More information

If the test is positive for any patient, the patient is secluded and all the accessories of the patient are placed away from other healthy people. Moreover, the other associated people might be in need to test the RT PCR test as they might have been affected before. Afterall, reporting of these tests has been much more convenient for the patients as they can see the reports online and take necessary measures.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:55 am

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