18+ WhatsApp Group Link in Nigeria 2024

Twenty first century is the most advanced century of all time according to human history and it is considered as one of the most advanced technologies because of the technologies we have nowadays. We have ventured to the Moon, in the near future we are planning to send our men to the Mars, we can now contact with another person who is currently in the opposite side of the globe in seconds, we can do most of our daily works via our smartphone and we do not even need to step outside of our houses if we do not want to. We are developing robots with artificial intelligence so that we can share our work load with them. It is without any doubt the most advanced time in human history.

With all these changes and revolutionary advancement our communication system and habit has also changed. Nowadays we do not write letters anymore because it is a thing of the distant past, we now write email to one another and even e-mail is considered as an old form of communication these days because there are a lot of alternatives of e-mail around us. We only use email these days for official purposes and to communicate casually with one another we use social media platforms.

Social media platforms have made our social lives a lot easier as the text delivery time of these platforms are very fast. We can also chat with a lot of people at the same time on these platforms which was a very difficult task via email. Also, we can do many other things on this platform such as sharing videos, photos. We can also share written posts here. In recent years these platforms are also offering free audio and video call options.

As the days are passing by these social media platforms are updating their services and people are getting more attached to them. You can also find news alerts, do shopping, watch videos, apply for jobs and many other things via these platforms. WhatsApp is one of the most well-known social media platforms these days. WhatsApp is an American social media platform which is basically text and voice messaging centric platform.

WhatsApp started its journey as an application for both Android and iOS based smartphones and tablets but later the web version of the platform was also released so that it can also be accessed through computers. Brian Acton and Jan Koum these two created WhatsApp back in January, 2009. Later the platform was acquired by Facebook in February, 2014. Facebook bought WhatsApp for USD 19.3 billion. Many users do not know that the actual name of WhatsApp is WhatsApp Messenger.

To sign up for this platform you need a cellular phone number. WhatsApp gained a huge amount of popularity in the last few years due to its free to use method. The privacy and security measures of this platform are also very good. No one can learn about any content of any conversations as the conversations are end to end encrypted. Even WhatsApp cannot access a single conversation.

The Nigerian people also love to use WhatsApp like the rest of the world. People of Nigeria use WhatsApp for various purposes and they also like the group feature of the platform very much. There are many kinds of groups available for the Nigerian people such as educational groups, dating groups, food groups, 18+ groups, office groups and many others.

In recent times the 18+ groups of WhatsApp in Nigeria got a huge recognition. People from all over Nigeria join these groups who are 18 or above. In these groups people share 18+ jokes, videos, photos and many other contents. These groups also maintain the community standards very strongly as they never allow people who are below 18. These groups are very much entertaining and attractive. There is always something happening in these groups and also these groups are very good to meet up with many new people.

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