American WhatsApp Group Link 2022

Social media platforms are an essential thing for every individual nowadays. People all over the world who live in the urban parts and have the privilege to use the internet on a regular basis love to use social media. The rural part of the world is also becoming more and more interested in using the internet.

The Internet is mixed in the veins of our modern society. Without the internet we cannot think of passing a single day. Usage of the internet has changed our life in a very positive way and made our lives a lot easier. From our daily life to our social life everything has changed due to the evolution of the internet.

Nowadays we do not need to step outside our house to do anything because most of the things can be done online. We can now pay our bills, attend our classes, attend meetings, do our office work, order food, order groceries and do many other things all from our home just by using the internet.

When social media platforms were founded, these platforms were used only by the means of communicating with people. But with the evolution of the internet and the changing need of the human race the social media platforms have evolved too.

Now we can find many things on social media platforms rather than just communicating. We can find jobs, news alerts, learn about the recent issues and many other things from social media. No wonder why social media platforms have become so important for us.

The social media platform which has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years is WhatsApp. WhatsApp Messenger commonly known as WhatsApp is a social media platform which operates based on text messaging and voice messaging.

In this platform you cannot make friends and you will not get any kind of suggestions from people. You have to sign up for WhatsApp with a cellular mobile number and you can only communicate with the contacts which are saved in your phonebook. WhatsApp was founded back in 2009 by two men named Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

Though WhatsApp started its journey just like a texting app but over the years they have included many other options for the consumers. Now a user can send documents, large audio files, video files via WhatsApp. Audio and Video calling options have also been included to the services of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook back in February, 2014. Facebook bought the platform for USD 19.3 billion. Later WhatsApp has launched many subsidiaries over the years like WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Clients.

WhatsApp Business helps the small businesses to communicate with their customers more easily and WhatsApp Clients is for the multinational corporations and with the help of this platform they can stay connected with their clients all the time. WhatsApp is a very popular social platform as the total user count of WhatsApp is more than 2 billion.

From the Google Play Store and Apple Store the WhatsApp app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

Like the rest of the world American people like WhatsApp very much. In fact, the American people are switching to Instagram and WhatsApp from the other social media platforms. American people also use WhatsApp for the groups that exist on the platform.

There are various kinds of WhatsApp groups, some are educational, some productive, some groups are for communities, some groups are just for friends and family.

In our busy lives we do not have the luxury to contact a lot of people at the same time. So, people have created groups and these groups have made communication a lot easier. Communicating with a lot of people in these groups saves a lot of time too.

Some people use these groups to just randomly chit-chat and some people take these groups very seriously. Many people use a lot of groups at the same time just to be connected to all the circles they have.

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