Asgar Ali Hospital Doctor List, Phone Number, Cabin Cost

Asgar Ali Hospital is a comparatively new hospital of Bangladesh. Despite being new in the medical sector Asgar Ali Hospital has created a good reputation for itself in the hearts of patients. Asgar Ali Hospital is one of the few hospitals of Bangladesh which provide quality medical attention at a decent cost. Most of the people of Bangladesh belong to the middle-class families and they do not have the ability to spend a ton of money for medical purposes.

The main vision of the Asgar Ali Hospital is to provide quality treatment at an affordable cost. For all these reasons Asgar Ali Hospital became a name of trust for the patients. This hospital is also one of the oldest hospitals of the country.

Asgar Ali Hospital is a subsidiary project of the City Group. City Group is a prominent name in the business industry. City Groups is one of the oldest and largest industrial groups of the country. The Asgar Ali Hospital started its journey back in the 1980s. This hospital is situated at Gandaria, Dhaka. Asgar Ali Hospital has won a lot of awards and token of appreciation in the last few years for their role in the medical sector of Bangladesh. Asgar Ali Hospital has treated a huge number of patients since its establishment.

A combination of many things helps the hospitals these days to flourish in the field of medical care. Qualified doctors, skillful surgeons, experienced nurses and a dedicated medical team Asgar Ali Hospital has all these things. Beside the manpower all the modern medical machinery and diagnostics equipment are also available in the hospital. This hospital also possesses a high-tech laboratory.

In future the Asgar Ali Hospital also wants to open a medical college behind the main building of the hospital. The capacity of this hospital is 250 beds. This is also the first hospital in Bangladesh which introduced the online consultancy program in Bangladesh.

The doctors of Asgar Ali Hospital are remarkable. No more description is needed when we are talking about the most decorated set of doctors. These doctors are from distinguished academic backgrounds and possess a huge amount of experience in the field of medical care. All kinds of doctors are available in this hospital as there are a lot of departments in this hospital.

All the departments are full of extraordinary doctors. To know more about the doctors the patients should visit the website of the Asgar Ali Hospital. The patients can also take appointments of the doctors from the website. All the information of the doctors and the hospital is given in the website.

There is also a helpline or hotline number of the Asgar Ali Hospital where the patients can call for any kind of query or to seek assistance. You can also call at this hotline if you are in an emergency situation. These helpline or hotline numbers help the patients to communicate with the hospital more easily.

Patients can also file a complaint here about the service of the hospital if they have any kind of issue with the service of Asgar Ali Hospital. The staff who work in this hotline are very much friendly and try to solve the problem of the patients within a short period of time. The patients who do not have any kind of access to the internet can call at these hotline numbers for doctor’s appointments. The main hotline number of the Asgar Ali Hospital is: 10602. There are also other hotline numbers such as: +88 0178 768 3333. The email address of this hospital is

The patients nowadays judge a hospital by its cabins. If the cabins of a hospital are not good enough then the patients will stop going to that hospital. The authority of the Asgar Ali Hospital knows the importance of the cabins and for that reason they have set up good quality cabins for their patients. There are various kinds of cabins available here and the cost of these cabins ranges from TK 5,000 to TK 35,000 per day.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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