BIRDEM Hospital Test Price List 2024

The medical sector of Bangladesh has changed dramatically in the last few years. Now there are many world class hospitals treating patients of all sorts throughout the country. There are a lot of high-end and specialized hospitals available in Bangladesh too. BIRDEM is one of the best specialized hospitals in Bangladesh.

The full form of the name BIRDEM is Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders. This Hospital was founded back in 1980 by a national professor called Muhammed Ibrahim. BIRDEM was founded in order to serve the diabetic patients as there was no specialized hospital for the diabetic patients in the region back then.

But in this hospital, you can also find another kind of medical institute. They also treat other kinds of patients. Nowadays, the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh runs the hospital and manages the hospital. This is a public hospital as when the hospital was founded the Government of Bangladesh financed for the hospital.

BIRDEM is a very popular name in the field of medical care in Bangladesh. Since the foundation of this hospital, BIRDEM has treated a huge number of patients and made the life of those patients a lot easier. As we all know diabetic is a disease which can be treated but cannot be cured. So, the patients of diabetic have to maintain communication with the doctors all the time and in this case the Birdem hospital works as a bridge between the patients and the doctors.

All the doctors of the BIRDEM hospital are well qualified and have an enormous amount of experience in the field of treating diabetic patients. BIRDEM treats on average 3000 diabetic patients on a daily basis. This number of patient dealing is highest among all the hospitals in Bangladesh.

BIRDEM is also the largest diabetic specialized hospital in the entire world according to a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company. BIRDEM is also designed for the purpose to work as a medical institution which can work with the collaboration with WHO and BIRDEM is the only one institution which is certified to work with WHO.

BIRDEM has grown a lot since its establishment. In these present times the BIRDEM hospital operates in a 16 storied building where up to 600 patients can be admitted at the same time. BIRDEM is situated at Shahbag, Dhaka the epicenter of the capital city of Bangladesh. But we all know that besides doctors, medical staff, many other things play a very important part in modern-day medical treatment. Modern medical technology and machinery play a huge part in the medical sector.

BIRDEM has all the modern equipment needed for an international hospital these days. Diagnostic tests are also very important for modern-day health care. BIRDEM has all the up-to-date technology to do the diagnostics test of their patients. The diagnostics test result of BIRDEM is very much accurate and BIRDEM delivers the reports within time. Another factor that made BIRDEM popular today is the cost of treatment, diagnostics tests and surgeries are very cheap in BIRDEM.

There are a lot of health screening packages available at the BIRDEM hospital such as Package A, Package B, Package C etc. The Package A is a general health care package and, in this package, the following tests are included Glucose (Random), Creatinine, Lipid Profile, Electrolytes, SGPT, CBC, ESR, TSH, Urine R/M/E, ECG and many other tests are available and this package costs TK 6180.

The Package B is for annual cardiac screening. Glucose (Fasting), Creatinine, Glucose (2 hour after 75-grams of glucose), Lipid Profile, HbA1c and many other kinds of tests are included in this package and it costs TK 9660. There are also many other packages available at this hospital.

All the tests at the BIRDEM hospital are very accurate and cost very less. So, if you want to do a health screening then check out the website of BIRDEM or call at their hotline there you can find all the things you need to know. You can also take an appointment via calling at their hotline.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:57 am

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