Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

Human beings always tried to mold their surroundings by their nature. For this reason, the human race has invented many things for its own survival. As time passed by, scientists have invented many things so that the life of every human being on earth can become easier. The invention of the medical care system is a very important invention for human kind.

In the earlier times it was very easy to fall ill and die from illnesses but over the years the situation has changed and people nowadays receive treatment. The medical care right is a fundamental right of all human beings. Some hospitals are better than the others. Some hospitals are luxurious. Nowadays you can find all kinds of hospitals around the globe. The medical care system of England is well-known to the world as there are a number of world class hospitals available in this region.

Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital is one of the renowned hospitals of the UK. The Bristol Royal Infirmary is also known to the people as BRI. It is one of the finest and largest teaching hospitals of the UK. The hospital is situated at Bristol, England. The hospital is affiliated with the University of Bristol. The hospital also has a close tie with the University of the West of England.

The hospital is operated by the University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust. There are also three specialized units available in the hospital. The units are: Bristol Heart Institute, Bristol Hematology and Oncology Centre and Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. The infirmary was founded back in 1735 and it is one of the oldest infirmaries of the country. There is also an emergency department available in the hospital. The hospital also has a helipad.

In the year 2011, the hospital went through a huge redevelopment project. By this renovation the whole campus of the hospital got a new look. After this renovation the hospital’s services also got a boost. Over the years this hospital has treated a lot of patients with great precision. All the medical staff of the hospital are very friendly and know how to deal with the patients.

The hospital also provides the patients with 24/7 emergency service. The hospital also has a 24/7 ambulance service. Besides, the hospital also has the finest and most advanced medical machinery a hospital needs nowadays. The diagnostics equipment of the hospital is also top-notch. The Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital has also established a high-tech laboratory for the purpose of providing 100% accurate test results.

It is a known fact that the hospital which has these kinds of facilities available to them also has a set of well-trained and qualified doctors. The doctors of this hospital have a very good reputation as these doctors are one of the finest in the country. The doctors of this hospital have also graduated from renowned medical universities. If a patient wants to know more about the doctors, then they can visit the website of the hospital.

In the website the patients can find all the things they need to know about the doctors. The time table of the doctors, their area of expertise and all kinds of information is available on the website. The patients can also get an appointment via the online appointment option. There are around 200 doctors available at this hospital.

The hospital has also established a hotline contact center for the patients so that the patients can get in touch with the hospital whenever they want. The patients can also get an appointment from the hotline number. The patients can also call at this number for any kind of emergency assistance.

At this number the patients can also file complaints, if they find any kind of issues with the services of the hospitals. The contact number of the hospital is: +44-117-923-0000.

The Bristol Royal Infirmary is a well-known hospital in the whole European region. So, if you are thinking about recommending the hospital then you can do that without any hesitation.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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